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June 15, 2017 Investment Decision

Homeownership is a lifelong dream of many no doubt. But it can also be an overwhelming process as it involves a lot of decision making. One of the most important factors when buying an apartment is the location. It can make your life easy or make it hell depending on your choice. Sure, in Dhaka city alone you have a lot of options to choose from. In this article, here is a look at what makes Moghbazar an ideal location to buy an apartment.


Commuting is a primary factor when deciding where to buy a home and Moghbazar, being in the central part of the city makes living here relatively easy.

You can travel to other city parts easily via the Hatir Jheel link road.  There is a new flyover under construction which will smooth traffic issues even more. This area is nearby the Tejgaon industrial area which has several important business companies.  You can also travel effortlessly by bus using Moghbazar Bus Stop service in case you do not own a car.

School District

If you are a parent, you are likely to be worried about your children’s future. This plays an important role too when you buy an apartment. Moghbazar area puts your worries at ease with its several reputed schools and universities. The ever-renowned Dhaka University is just around the corner as well as the popular BUET. You also have Viqarunnisa Noon School and College at Baily Road, Ideal School and College at Mazar Road besides others.


Your choice of neighborhood should also have recreation facilities so that you can enjoy a good weekend or want to escape the monotony of life. If you love eating out, you can choose from various franchise fast food shops like KFC, BFC as well as Sharma House at Baily Road.

For your shopping needs, you can visit Aarong and Ecstasy outlet. There is also the ever-popular Mouchak Market nearby.

For getting fresh air in the outdoors, you can visit Hatir Jheel Link Road or Ramna Park with your family.

Medical Facilities

We constantly worry about health of our loved ones, especially when we have a newborn or elderly parents living with us. You might want to live in an area that is close to reputed medical facilities in case of emergency situations. You would be relieved residing in Moghbazar as it has several renowned medical facilities available, such as Holy Family Crescent Medical Hospital, Dhaka Community Medical College Hospital as well as Ad-din Women’s Medical College within the area.

Price Benefit

If you belong to the middle-income group, then buying an apartment in Moghbazar can prove to be financially beneficial for you. Apartment price here is lower than that of upscale areas like Dhanmondi, Banani, Gulshan. You can enjoy a high standard of living at Moghbazar within your financial means when you buy a home in this area.

At the end of the day, it is you who knows the best for your family when it comes to choosing a location. So ensure you weigh all the pros and cons of a particular location and then make an informed decision.

To aid your search of apartment buying, here is a list of properties available at Moghbazar with their features and amenities:


SI No.

 Features & Amenities  Alpenglow



Green Satmahal

(Amin Mohammad)



 Karim’s Delight





1 Fire Alarm Yes No No No No
2 Earthquake Resistant Design Feature Yes No No No No
3 Main Floor Tiles 24”x24” 16”x16” 16”x16” 16”x16” 12”x12”
4 Lift 2 Korean lifts for 24 units 2 Korean lifts for 65 units 2 Korean lifts for 48 units 2 Korean lifts for 26 units 2 Chinese lifts for 54 units
5 CCTV Monitoring Yes No No No No
6 Fly Proof Net Yes No Yes Yes Yes
7 Main Door CTG Teak CTG Teak CTG Teak CTG Teak CTG Teak
8 Internal Door Frame Teak Chamble Jarul/ Shirokoi Teak Chamble Teak Chamble Mahagony
9 Bricks Hollow Blocks Local Bricks in Masonry work Local Bricks in Masonry work Local Bricks in Masonry work Local Bricks in Masonry work
10 Wall & Floor Tiles in Kitchen Imported Local Local Local Local
11 Kitchen Sink Double bowl Single bowl Single bowl Single bowl Single bowl
12 Exhaust Fan in Kitchen Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
13 Provision for Kitchen Hood Yes No Yes Yes No
14 Wall & Floor Tiles in Bathroom Imported Local Local Local Local RAK
15 Shower Area with Curtain in Bathroom Yes No No No No
16 Sanitaryware & CP Fittings Imported

Cotto (CP)

Local RAK Local RAK Local RAK Local RAK
17 Bathroom Door Formica pasted flush shutter with wooden frame PVC door shutter PVC door shutter PVC door shutter Laminated shutter with wooden frame
18 Hot & Cold Water Line In all bathrooms and kitchen Only in master bathroom & kitchen Only in master bathroom & kitchen Only in master bathroom & kitchen Only in master bathroom
19 Number of A.C points 4 2 3 3 4
20 Rooftop Garden with Sitting Area Yes No No No No