Buying a Luxury Apartment? 10 Must-have features to consider!

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May 15, 2017 Investment Decision

Most people dream of owning a home but some dream bigger and better. Have you ever thought of buying a luxury apartment in Dhaka city? Do you only want the best of everything in life?
A luxury apartment is not everyone’s cup of tea; maybe you are content simply with owning a place that fulfills your basic requirements. But for those of you bold enough to decide to purchase a luxury home, here are 10 features your luxury apartment should definitely include:

Exterior façade

Exterior façade is an important factor to consider when you are making an investment as big as buying a luxury apartment. Make sure the exterior façade of your to-be home is stunning. A well-designed architecture does not only ensure a comfortable living space but also makes sure it is aesthetic inside and out. Look out for a solid foundation, use of high-grade materials and unique details.

Open views and natural light

The openness of an apartment is particularly important when you are looking to buy a luxury apartment in a densely populated city like Dhaka, where outdoor space is almost scarce. An apartment with open views and bright daylight not only looks appealing but also feels good to live in as you enjoy the bright sunshine and the gentle cross breezes.

Natural surroundings

Apart from the openness, you should also note your surrounding neighborhood. For instance, is there a park or lake or any historical landmark opposite your apartment? Any of these is likely to increase the apartment value if you wish to resale.

Ceiling height

Most people when buying a luxury apartment only looks at the square footage area but you should also pay attention to the ceiling height. The higher the ceiling, the better will be the real estate property.

Apartment  layout

You should carefully scan the apartment layout to ensure there are no flaws. Check out if the open space is clearly segregated from private space such as bedrooms so that when you invite guests over, it doesn’t get awkward.  You should also consider factors such as the distance between bedroom and bathroom, foyer space etc to get the best value for your luxury apartment.

Storage space

Review your storage space requirements when searching for potential apartments, such as do you want a pantry with a kitchen or a walk-in-closet with a bedroom?  When it comes to apartment customization, creating additional storage space to fulfill your requirements can definitely be accomplished.

Lifestyle features

You might look for extra lifestyle features which might be suited to your needs. For instance, do you want a gym space for staying fit and healthy right in your home?  Or perhaps you want a prayer room with ablution area where you can say your daily prayers without going to a mosque. Your luxury apartment should aim to make your life easier compared to an ordinary apartment.

Rooftop features

Many luxury properties in Bangladesh come with additional rooftop features which can provide you with a nice escapade from your daily hectic life. For instance, fancy a BBQ night out with your friends? Why not take advantage of the BBQ area on your rooftop? Celebrating the birthday of your youngest daughter? Why not throw a happening rooftop pool party?