Central Water Purification System: Drink Water Right from the Tap

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Central Water Purification System: Drink Water Right from the Tap
April 29, 2021 Apartment Living


Water is life, life came from water. Billions of years ago, water contained microorganisms that eventually evolved to give birth to the human race and other life forms. All living creations require water to survive. Yet, at present, the world is facing a serious crisis of safe drinking water. It is appalling as well as alarming how scarce safe, drinking water has become and what tragic incidents happen due to the absence of it. According to water.org, more than 2 million Bangladeshis lack access to an improved water source and a staggering number of 48 million people do not have access to improved sanitation. This means that approximately 30% of our population is at constant risk of disease and infection merely because safe water is not ensured for them.

In earlier times, our country saw the derivation of drinking water from sources like wells and tube wells. Fresh mineral water pumped from deep within the earth was sweet nectar and safe to drink. Natural osmosis kept the water clean and good minerals made it refreshingly sweet. Gone are those days! In 2010 the UN General Assembly declared access to water and sanitation a human right. Yet, lack of access to safe water for drinking and other daily uses remains a growing concern in Bangladesh. Over the years as our country has developed, more infrastructure has been built and many advancements have been accomplished. However, the pressures exerted on a handful of large cities like Dhaka and Chittagong have proportionately increased. One of these pressures includes increased demand for housing which bti aims to serve.

At bti, our objective is to not only design and build quality homes for our customers, but we commit to take into account all related factors which lead to a comfortable and safe living experience. As a result, ensuring water safety for drinking and domestic purposes is one of our top priorities.

The Central Water Purification system is an answer to the prayer of safe drinking water in homes. Being able to drink water right from the tap is a much-desired luxury in Bangladesh. To avail of this measure, two things are needed-

  1. A Central Water Purification System
  2. Supporting plumbing to ensure tap-to-mouth water quality 

A Central Water Purification System will ensure that there are no bacteria, dangerous chemicals, corrosive salts, or metals in the water and minimize its hardness while improving the taste. The usage of this also ensures a supply of water that is safe for hair and skin. In bti large scale projects, a safe water supply is ensured with two systems- Preliminary Water Treatment and Reverse Osmosis.

Preliminary Water Treatment

The objective of preliminary treatment is the removal of coarse solids and other large materials often found in raw water. Preliminary treatment operations typically include coarse screening, grit removal and, in some cases, the removal of large objects. Preliminarily treated water is safe to use in the kitchen, for washing self and clothes, and for other personal use of water.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis forces the water to pass through a semi-permeable membrane using air pressure to remove almost all contaminants present in it. When this process is applied after water is treated preliminarily, it becomes safe to drink from the tap. This is an amazing way to forego boiling and filtering while ensuring safe, drinkable water with no disturbing taste or odor in it.

In bti large scales projects, the water from the building reservoir goes through the Preliminary Treatment twice before reaching the overhead tanks. This water is already safe to use except for straight drinking. To ensure tap-to-mouth safe drinking water, Reverse Osmosis is added on demand. However, the usage of a Central Water Purification System requires a particular kind of plumbing that ensures microorganisms, dirt and grit do not stick to the fittings and contaminate water while running through the pipes. bti uses CPVC Food Grade pipes which are specifically made for this.

 The benefits of such advanced filtration systems are immense. Not only are such facilities in Bangladesh scarce, they are sure to improve your quality of life and increase your sense of safety and comfort at home – which is exactly what you deserve. At bti, we take into account all your needs to live the best version of your life that is possible. You can read more about our large scale projects and New Wellness Communities, as well as find out about all the steps we take to ensure that your homes make you live happier and longer.