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Studio Apartment
September 27, 2021 Apartment Living

A studio apartment is a single room with an open floor space that includes a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen. In short, the different room portions are not separated by walls or partitions. It is a relatively new idea that is fast gaining traction around the world, as standard apartments may not be affordable for many. A studio apartment gives you enough space to conveniently complete all of your housekeeping responsibilities because everything is in one fixed spot. These are also simple to tidy because there is little to nothing to clean and everything is in an area. It usually comes with more basic yet helpful facilities than typical apartments. They are primarily situated in central areas with adequate transportation connections. Ideal for individuals working from home and can be a beautiful compact home for couples!


In Vs Out – You Will Not Need Much Furniture

You do not buy a four-bedroom house to furnish and decorate only half of it. You must furnish it with furniture that is comparable to the size of the house. In other words, the larger the house, the larger the furniture. When your studio apartment is small, to begin with, there is no need to spend a lot of money on furniture. Rather than spending on a lot of furniture to occupy a large space, invest in high-quality items that will last you for many trips. Furthermore, if you need to replace a floor or carpet there is significantly less area to cover, which means it will save time and cost less.


Minimal Cost – You Will Not Spend Much

Apart from the lower rent, studio apartments also have lower utility bills. This is because smaller spaces are less expensive to heat and cool, and with fewer lighting and electrical gadgets, your electric cost will be minimum. Having a smaller living space is a valuable addition when it comes to saving money on utilities. On winter nights it takes less time and energy to keep your studio apartment warm and vice versa, so you can say goodbye to that high heating and air-conditioning bills.


Composed Combo – Gather Less Waste

When you have an open space, something interesting happens. You will constantly want to fill it up! You have no choice but to be more intentional about the things you keep around when you live in a studio apartment. There will be no room for pointless items that just serve to take up space. As a result, you’ll gather less waste and keep your surroundings tidy. Plenty of space also allows proper ventilation and sunlight into the apartment.


A Creative Bubble – You Become More Artistic

Many studio apartments have special features that are not found in other apartments. It is not unusual to come across a studio space with a nice brick wall or exposed ceilings, both of which contribute to a unique sense of design. Small spaces allow you to be more artistic in your decorating. You tend to be more experimental!


Multi-Tasking –  Get Things Done Fast

Living in a studio apartment allows you to complete your to-do list more quickly than before. You may clean the flat while watching your favourite TV show or cook lunch and converse with your friends or relatives while they are seated comfortably in your studio living room.

If you want to live independently, if you are at the beginning of your career or at the initial stage of building a family, considering a studio apartment might be the best choice to have! If you are looking for a studio apartment, check out bti’s The Millennial in Madani Avenue. These extraordinary studio apartments come with a complete wellness lifestyle, which means you get access to a fitness club, swimming pool, badminton court, walkways, play area for children, etc. You will also get Smart Home features within the apartment for your convenience and comfort.