A Day in One of Our Wellness Communities

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A Day in One of Our Wellness Communities
April 26, 2021 Investment Decision


As a brand new day rolls and a bright morning sun shines light across your apartment, you are reminded of everything you can be grateful for. Even among the hustle and bustle of the city, you feel relieved and relaxed due to the peace and serenity of your home. As soon as you head out, you see your neighbor joining you as well. In time, others follow suit in your daily activities which are dedicated to wellness, fitness, and health. This is the story of life in bti’s Wellness Communities.

In Fitness And In Health

Early morning hours are the best times for a healthy workout. Burning some calories and ensuring adequate exercise is crucial for fitness. Every Wellness Community caters to this need of staying fit. You can enjoy breaking some sweat at the fully-equipped world-class gym, or perform some yoga moves or freehand exercises with your neighbors in the yoga studio. Last but not least, you can wash away all that stress through a relaxing session in the sauna room. 

If it is a lazy morning then you can skip the gym and yoga and go for a less strenuous option and still maintain your fitness. Why not stroll along the walkways instead? Enjoy the fresh air and soak some vitamin D while walking. Every once in a while you might find seating arrangements for you to take rest. If you do not feel like walking, you can opt for swimming! 

Child-Friendly Spaces

As a parent you know that kids need to play outdoors, bridge communication gaps, and make genuine friendships. It would be a great bonus if all these things happen under your supervision near your home. In a Wellness Community you can get all these facilities. The spacious kids play area is designed in a manner that allows children to express themselves under the watchful eye of their parents within the community. While you and other parents enjoy quality time sipping on tea or having conversations, your kids will forge new bonds and stay away from smartphones for quite some time! Children can also hop into the kid’s pool, where you can teach them swimming. Your child will gleam with pride after swim time!

Riddled With Greenery

In an urban lifestyle it is difficult to get adequate exposure to nature and greenery. Would it not be great to have the green outdoors within your reach for you and your family? In our Wellness Communities we have incorporated greenery in spaces such as outdoor terrace, rooftops, and walkways so that the community can feel close to nature. You can do your part with gardening skills and setting up plants of your own choice as well. Make it a community activity where kids and adults all participate in planting and taking care of shrubs and trees. 

Peace And Quiet

Once you are done with your fitness routine and lunch, the afternoon hours can be dedicated to reading books. Head to the reading room and choose a piece among a collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and so much more. You will lose yourself in the peace and quiet of the space. Dedicated prayer rooms for males and females are available in case you need that spirituality check. 

Entertainment Galore

As the evening sun sets, you know it is about to get dark. Teenagers and adults can use this hour by playing basketball, badminton, or table tennis. The whole community can watch and you can cheer them on. While sports are fun and necessary for fitness, sometimes it is important to just relax. Use the open air movie theater to its full potential. Decide on a movie to watch with your community every week. Set up some fiery BBQ food along with drinks and popcorn as treats while watching the movie. If not movies, then just BBQ parties with your loved ones will also make you happy. 

Speaking of occasions, the spacious multipurpose hall is a great space for parties and meetings. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or even a simple community meeting, the multipurpose hall will rightfully serve you.

Smart And Modern Homes

After a long tiring day returning to your home environment feels tiring yet gives a sense of relief. You know your home is safe thanks to the all-round CCTV surveillance and smart door lock. Other smart home features are dispersed around your home. For example, you can remote-control your fan, AC, switches, TV, Wifi, and other features all while resting in your bedroom or living room. Any emergencies or troubled situations will send alerts to your phone so that you can deal with it with proper decisions. 

All in all, such a residence serves you with wellness features, happy moments, entertainment, nature, and modern conveniences for a wholesome lifestyle. Be a part of our Wellness Communities and prioritize your fit and healthy lifestyle.