Decorate Your Home for a Festive Season

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April 30, 2017 Apartment Living

Giving your home a festive makeover is a lot easier than you think

A home always holds a special place in all our life, it is the place where we create memories with our loved ones, where we feel safe and comfortable. During festive season be it Eid or Christmas or Diwali, it is common for you to invite guests or families over to celebrate the special occasions in your own home. And for that you want your home to look special without breaking the bank. Here are simple apartment decorating tips to uplift your home décor during the festive season.


Light Up Your Home

Did you lighting plays a crucial role in your interior décor? It can brighten up a dark space, make a small space look bigger or cozier and set the perfect ambiance. Instead of spending thriftlessly in expensive chandeliers you can add lamp shades with bright color tones to illuminate the space. You can use scented candles, statement candelabras to add a soft allure to your apartment décor.  Fairy lights, lanterns can also be used for outdoor space décor.


Another budget- friendly apartment decorating tip is to accessorize your home with simple décor items as a substitute for getting new furniture. For instance, avoid changing sofa covers or upholstery that cost a lot. Vacuum clean the space and add colorful pillows, bedspreads to create vibrancy. If you are into handicrafts, you can add embellishments such as lace, chumkis, jori borders etc to your curtains and pillow covers to give them a festive touch.

De-clutter home

If you live in a small apartment, managing space during the festive season can be a tough job with so many guests coming over. To make space, get rid of junk as well as obsolete furniture from your apartment.  You can create make shift space on the floor by using blankets and covering them up with bedspreads. Keep extra space in the form of folding stools which take up minimal space. For serving food, you can create a buffet system, so everyone can help themselves and there will not be scattered dinner-wares everywhere.

Add greenery

One of the easiest apartment decorating tips for a festive season is to add flowers to your home décor. You can choose hanging orchids or roses or colorful gladiolus. In this monsoon season, you can also add Burflower (Kadam) as or White Ginger Lily. They are sure to perk up your apartment décor as well give off beautiful fragrances.

Make the entry space welcoming

Give your apartment visitors a taste of festivity and warm welcome right the moment they step into your home with a welcome mat and dedicate storage space for the visitors to keep their belongings like keys, phones etc. Decorate the space with some lighting such as a table lamp and flower vase. You can also add wall stickers suitable for the occasion to add a festive decor.

With these easy apartment decorating tips, you can make sure your home looks top notch and ready to welcome the guests this festive season. Happy Eid to you!