Dhanmondi: A parish of eminence- Best place to buy apartments in Dhaka

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January 15, 2020 Investment Decision

Dhanmondi has always been one of the best picks for people to stay in Dhaka city. Before locales like Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani emerged as sophisticated neighborhoods, Dhanmondi was known as an exclusive location to dwell or to build your business. Although favoring a particular vicinity to reside can definitely be subjective, there are certain features that make Dhanmondi even more inhabitable.

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Liberty of easy commute

Dhanmondi is well-connected to major parts of the city. The residents of this area can easily move to places like Mohammadpur, Mirpur, etc. and the transport system here is available all the time. The roads are well-built and there are a number of ready flats for sale in the Dhanmondi region just beside these roads which people can look up to.

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Abundance of recreational activities

If you are a social person and want to have hangouts and meet-ups not very far from your home, Dhanmondi can be an ideal place for you to nestle. This area is filled with fine diners, social venues, cultural centers, etc. where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. The historic building of the Bangabandhu Memorial Museum is also situated at Dhanmondi. You can enjoy a pleasant morning walk beside Dhanmondi Lake whenever you want and at the same time, there are also a number of apartments facing the lake which can give you a pictorial view from your home.

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Surfeit of educational institutions

Innumerable educational institutions just around the corner have made Dhanmondi even a more ideal place to live. Sunnydale, Mastermind, Dhanmondi Tutorial, Dhaka City College, ULAB, etc. are some of the notable institutions in the neighborhood. Not having to face the iniquitous traffic of Dhaka city at a school day will keep a lot of your stress away.

Safety and security

Dhanmondi is known to be one of the safest locations to reside. Mostly known as a residential area, Dhanmondi offers some very attractive apartments for sale in Dhaka which maintains the utmost security. Skilled guards patrol on the roads at night assuring the residents of Dhanmondi a sound sleep.

Besides the plethora of amenities that you can get while living in Dhanmondi, this area can surely give you the feeling of belonging in a place of aristocracy.