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March 28, 2016 Apartment Living

A bedroom occupies a sacred place in your home; after all it is the room where you come to relax after a long tiring day to reinvigorate yourself. A well decorated bedroom not only provides you with sound sleep at nights, but also keeps your mind fresh with its beauty and comfort. You do not always need to live in the lap of luxury to have a stunningly decorated bedroom. With smart planning and a little bit of budgeting, you can easily afford the bedroom that is the envy of many.

Rearrange the furniture

You can greatly uplift your bedroom décor with simply shifting your furniture around to make the room seem more spacious. For instance, one of the useful bedroom decorating tips is to place your bed against the largest wall in the room which visually expands your room size. Also try placing the dressing table opposite to a window or balcony door. This will reflect natural light and make the room lighter and bigger. And the best part- you can achieve all of this without spending a dime.

Add layers for comfort and coziness

An easy way to make your bedroom super comfy as well as add a dash of color to it is by incorporating layers in your bedroom décor. You can add throw pillows of vibrant colors and patterns, or add a quilt over your bedspread. Also pay attention to the comfort level when you choose your bedding fabrics. Floral prints in simple cotton fabrics are always in vogue to give you a restful night’s sleep and spruce up your bedroom décor. You can easily visit any local home retail store to get your choice of fabrics for your beddings, throw pillows and blankets within affordable price.

Cover up the wall

Another budget friendly tip to decorate your bedroom is to get creative with the walls. You can add a gallery of family photos right above your bed’s headboard. Alternatively, you can also hang wall tapestry to bring in an eclectic style in your apartment décor. For unconventional ways of decorating, you can add a single strip of paint on your wall to show off your photo frames or gallery. This will create a focal point to draw the visitor’s eye and make the room seem taller.

Maintain harmony

Instill harmony in your bedroom interiors by using complimentary color schemes. Use furniture of the same wood or paint to give your bedroom a sophisticated style. Symmetry is another important factor which augments harmony of a room. You can use same printed fabrics in your bedspread as well as pillow in a chair to co-ordinate. Or use small accessories such as flower vases that match the color of your curtains. All of these decorations will cost you a limited budget while greatly enhancing your room décor.

Add your personal touch

Since you will be the one spending most of the time in your room, don’t forget to add your own personal touch to your bedroom décor. It could be anything- from a handmade quilt you have sown to a painting you made; it does not have to be the best but it does have to be you. This will make your bedroom a more intimate and comfortable space, when you can relate to it.

When decorating your bedroom on a budget, make sure you keep in mind the functionality and comfort aspect, since you want your bedroom to be not only beautiful but comfortable as well. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create your own stunning comfort zone in your bedroom.

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