How To Have An Efficient Kitchen Decor

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July 8, 2017 Apartment Living

The kitchen is almost considered a sacred place in many Bangladeshi households. It is the place where our mothers, wives or even we, ourselves spend many valuable hours cooking food for our loved ones be it on any ordinary day or during special occasions like the Pohela Boishakh or Eid Ul Fitr. Having a tidy, well-organized kitchen not only gives a boost to your apartment décor but can also make cooking a delightful task. Here are 5 expert tips on how to have a more efficient kitchen decor:

Keep utensils near the cooking zone

Interior designers suggest that in order to make a kitchen more efficient, you don’t always need to think of kitchen remodel; simple changes to the kitchen décor can do wonders to improve performance. For instance, store all your pots, pans, spatulas near the kitchen stove so that you can have easy access to them. If your apartment size is a bit on the smaller scale, you can hang the utensils on a wall-mounted rack. Keep the large pots and pans inside a cabinet. This way your kitchen décor will not feel over-cluttered.

Keep the spices within sight

Another smart kitchen decorating tip is to have the spices stored in plastic jars or containers instead of glass ones as the glass jars can easily break resulting in spoilage and injury. Place the containers near the cooking stove in shelves or countertop based on the countertop space included in your apartment features. For easy finding, you should label the containers so that you don’t get confused between cumin or coriander spice.  It also helps jog your memory in case you forgot which spice you have added and which one you have missed to your favorite curry.

Use open storage

Instead of splurging huge money on kitchen cabinets for a luxurious interior design, you can save money by simply investing in jars or containers. They can surely add color to your kitchen décor and at the same time save you money. This way you can easily find coffee, salt or tea with their labels.  They also look great on display. You can invest in wicker baskets to hold the jars and place them on shelves or countertop. Another advantage of using open storage is that it will make your small kitchen look bigger. Expert interior designers suggest that you should keep maximum storage space below the waist line.

Keep minimal crockery

If you live with a small family, then it is best to own only one dinner set instead of a dozen ones which you never use. Choose a white one with a simple design as they can be used for formal and informal get-togethers alike. This will not only save your bucks but also reduce your storage space when you live in a small apartment.

Store similar things together

Another great tip for a more efficient and well-organized kitchen décor is to store similar things together. For instance, keep spoons, forks, etc in one drawer and measuring cups of various sizes in another drawer. You can also add storage space in small kitchen by utilizing the inner space on your kitchen cabinet door. Add adhesive hooks or racks to increase the storage space inside the kitchen cabinet.

A bonus tip to a more efficient kitchen is to have a weekly plan for your menus and then shop accordingly. This will save you money, storage space and remove wastage. What is your favorite tip for creating an efficient kitchen decor? Share with us in the bti blog’s comment below.