The Emerging Trends of Smart Home Technology in Real Estate

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June 13, 2019 Real Estate Industry

With the evolution of technology, the real estate industry has undergone several transformative evolutions. Today, smart homes are rapidly gaining in popularity, owing to the incredible comfort, convenience, and security they offer. With nearly every aspect of such homes being interconnected and controllable by remote, including lighting, temperature control, and security, smart home automation is widely being recognized as a disruptive innovation that greatly enhances the lives of residents. That, yet shrewd homes have likewise been demonstrated to offer several benefits for differently abled people, helping them live effortlessly comfortable lives, just like everyone else.

A plenty of entrenched land associations in Bangladesh have put resources into smart home computerization ( to upgrade their contributions and increase a dependable balance in this focused market.

In light of the almost endless potential that IoT-enabled smart home technology offers, today, nearly every aspect of a house can be enhanced with cutting edge solutions, using the intensity of IoT, voice first technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Smart Meters.

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For example, drapes, windows, entryways, and even carport doorways can be worked remotely, today, with only a press of a catch, or by utilizing an associated cell phone. In addition to the fact that this makes upkeep of property essentially simpler and increasingly productive, however it likewise helps increment the valuation of the property complex, offering speculators great returns.


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Smart home security solutions include a range of tools like closed-circuit cameras, sensors, alarms, and motion detectors, with voice recognition and face recognition software, to ensure you are constantly safeguarded against any risk, , regardless of whether intentional or incidental.

With countless vendors accessible in the market, homeowners can even pick and choose the tools to coordinate the stylistic theme and feel of their dividers, entryways, floor coverings, and that’s just the beginning.

Atmosphere and Temperature Control

People, exceedingly pined for drastic natural decay and topping contamination levels, look for tranquility in mind always. Regarding this, smart home appeases the real estate investors and potential homebuyers. By utilizing the intensity to combine lighting, air purification, and thermostat controls, several smart home technology solution providers today offer effective atmosphere and temperature control arrangements.


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Smart Home Entertainment solutions are conceivably the most used devices today, in countless households. The dispatch of Smart TV, associated with one’s cell phone, workstation, tablet, made ready for a few imaginative stimulation gadgets utilized in modern homes. The high degree of personalization, intuitiveness, and ease of use has genuinely reformed the benchmark of amusement today.

Home Utilities

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Smart devices for automating home utilities have also made lives significantly seamless these days, making labor-intensive tasks like washing clothes, utensils and cooking easy. By streamlining their utilization, designers of smart home equipment’s have had the option to include high usefulness at consistently arrange, such as, by cautioning house proprietors about terminated sustenance items and ice develop in iceboxes, computerized plant-watering gadgets, etc.

Needless to say, this amazing technology has reclassified the meaning of luxury and comfort along with driving more buyers to opt for similar solutions in the real estate market. Fuelled by the scope of special arrangements and courtesies being offered by land designers and the regularly changing requests of customers, this pattern is relied upon to just become further, and overwhelm the part, for the years to come.