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Rooftop refreshing
June 24, 2019 Apartment Living


You might think that keeping the rooftop open and loosely planned would make it feel bigger, but the opposite is real. The key to a more spacious look is all in the organization.

With just an exact forethought and planning, your rooftop can be transformed into a charming hideaway that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


You can create decorative vegetation, or edible garden or to a low maintenance flower garden on rooftop. You can grow various forms of plants: shrubs, grasses, annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables and even dwarf fruit trees depending on what you love to grow, climate, budget, available space and the functioning of the building. Before you create an amazing garden on terrace, it is essential for you to check about the Terrace construction.

Segment the plants to make the garden look more organized. Be careful to use too many elements as this may reduce the look of spaciousness, especially in a small area. For instance, to segment the garden, you may segment an area of coarse gravel, rugged plants such as cactus, which have a lot of texture, can be placed to this section to enhance the visual composition. On the contrary, plants with leaves in pendulous shapes can be planted together. Another segment may have plants with pointed leaves, and so forth.

Do must ensure that the arrangement of plants does not obstruct the natural light in any way.

Seating arrangements

Make a simple seating arrangement on your rooftop garden, it might be like above or as you love, have a cup of warm coffee in your hand and enjoy the serenity beyond the hecticness of the city. If you are type of person love reading book, then go to another world of imagination with the story right at your hand in this mini world at the corner of the rooftop.

You might create a wonderful time with your family and friends sitting together on rooftop. A simple chase competition can happen to sweeten the moments a bit more.

Rockery passage

Create outside feeling on the rooftop beyond traditional design, just like above. Rockery may be used for the border of the passage on rooftop, and that will surely be your self-care mini-retreat. A nice decoration with rockery on the rooftop will enliven your desire to have a walk on a regular basis.

Natural materials are always anyone’s first choice while decorating. So, you may have a rock passage definitely on your wish list this summer to transform your plain and boring rooftop into a beautiful and relaxing oasis. Their sculptural beauty will create an eye-catching design on your rooftop.

There are a number of varieties in the rocks themselves, and even more variety in the possibilities of using those rocks to your advantage. So use those how it suits your rooftop the best.

Fountain/Water body

You can use fountains as an accessory to decorate the rooftop and bring a soothing element to the space. Once you place a fountain on any corner of your rooftop, sit on a bench/chair, then close your eyes and go inward, listen to the soothing sound of the water and feel the light breeze brush against your face. Calm and peace come over you. It will work like a meditation and simply turn you on. You will surely find your calm waiting for you on your rooftop. This soothing sound will take you up to the rooftop many times and you must appreciate your decision to place it right here many more times.

Who wouldn’t be impressed with fountain/water body like this on a corner of the rooftop?

Beaitiful Paraphet Wall

When you are thinking of building a wonderful rooftop, or renovating your old one, you may definitely think about getting a parapet roof. So what basically is a parapet? It is simply a part of your rooftop, an extension of wall that surrounds the perimeter of the rooftop to make your rooftop journey safer and more convenient.

Parapets can be short or tall as you like. The shortest are to give the rooftop a finished look, on the other hand, some parapets can be as tall as a person turning the rooftop into a wider space for hangout.

Parapet wall designs on the rooftop can be simply considered to bring a dynamic change of an entire roof, both in terms of cosmetic detailing and safety.

Swimming pool

It would certainly be exciting to swim under the sky. You may get that similar feeling while you are swimming in your garden but, when you are at the rooftop, you are actually nearer the vast blue sky in the morning and the glittering stars in the evening. This may bring you to a different level of relaxation!

It isn’t just the rooftop pool that will drive you and your guests into its cool waters but the views that they will get from it is one of the greatest factor too. Just let your feet be under the fresh water of the swimming pool, look up the blue sky, it surely make feel you divinely.