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December 5, 2020 Investment Decision


When buying an apartment, one has to go through quite a lot of hassle. From legal issues to post-handover problems, the list is endless. Handling these issues can be quite tough. This is where bti can step in! With nearly four decades of experience, bti can be your reliable outlet. As a result of your trust, bti stepped into property management, to solve all your property related issues. Although we are only 1.5 years old, our baby steps have reached out to our customers and beyond! Take a look at how our new venture works.

Prepping Your Property

When you step into your new home, a new building, a new setting becomes important to you. The maintenance of every detail is essential for the place to thrive and perform well. Bti Property Management helps prepare the property for this reason. For example, for the new project, we offer cleaning and gardening services. We also provide generator and lift maintenance in case of emergency times. We basically look after the entire building maintenance on your behalf.

Providing Support Staff

When a project is delivered on time, we generally ask customers if they want to avail bti property management services. By default we provide our services for a year, and later it is up to the customer to decide if they want to avail these services further. Usually, the customer happily agrees because of our high quality construction process and customer service. They want to remain aligned to our services even beyond handover time, so we get requests to provide trustworthy caretakers, 24/7 security guards, cleaners, staff for rooftop maintenance etc. The number of staff and their pay scale are determined by a joint arrangement between bti and the property owners. We also provide CCTV camera services for your safety. Customers get the option to renew our services every year. 

Taking Responsibility

As a responsible company, bti has ensured that the right personnel are available for you whenever possible. Any issues, be it generator or lift problems, our dedicated staff are available for help. Reach out for any concerns, and our customer service will surely impress you! We often get requests from customers to include other kinds of services such as cost minimization. You can hold regular meetings with your neighbors and a bti representative as well to discuss any necessary changes to the building, such as to lower costs, beautify the property further and discuss funds. Our representatives will guide you and advise you accordingly, with full responsibility. 

While bti Property Management is a relatively new initiative from our side, our success is spoken for by our customers. Those who build properties on their own lands without the  support of a real estate developer end up facing hassles such as unscrupulous staff, inferior quality equipment and fittings, and inadequate building maintenance. Our services are meant to provide you a comfortable post-handover time, without all these hassles. Rest assured, we will not disappoint you in terms of service!