Feature Walls: To use or not to use, that is the question.

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November 25, 2019 Apartment Living

Feature walls, also known as accent walls, the accent wall highlights a particular section of the room, either by painting it or by using different designs. An accent wall should pull focus towards itself while conveying the homeowner’s taste and style.

How and why to use them?

They are a unique and trendy way to liven up your room. A way to tell your story through your home.

You can use contrasting paint or eye-catching wallpaper depending on how you want to accentuate that part of your room. Now, as to which room you choose to highlight is entirely up to your taste. However, we would like to help you out with some pointers.

1. Use paint for versatility:

Paint is a versatile way to accentuate walls because apart from being an inexpensive choice it can be used to create a lot of different patterns. You can always change your mind later.

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2. Use wallpapers:

Wallpapers are a great alternative to paint, even though people have reservations against using them. Gone are the days when you had to fear the day you would need to take down or replace your wallpaper because there are plenty of hassle-free options available. Wallpapers with colorful, varying patterns are a great choice to brighten up a room.

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3. It’s important to choose the right color:

Use complementary colors that go with the overall theme set by the elements in the room. It will stick out like a sore thumb if the color of the wall does not suit the room.

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4. Choose which room to accentuate:

Usually, it is a good choice to use a feature wall in a large, spacious room. Using one in a small room usually makes the room appear smaller. Larger rooms, however, do not have the same problem. But beware of overcrowded rooms, it can be chaotic to put focus on a section of a room where too much is already going on.

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5. Use brick patterns to highlight a wall:

There isn’t a rulebook indicating you can’t use anything other than paint or wallpaper to highlight a wall. You can use exposed brick for a rustic feel, or even concrete blocks for a more modern look.

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Here’s to hoping this clears your doubts a little. So go ahead have some fun and experiment away.