Features of a Great Guest Bathroom

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June 29, 2017 Apartment Living

Treat visitors at your apartment with our 5 easy bathroom upgrades that will make your guests feel right at home.

A guest bathroom is often an overlooked room in any apartment. But if you live in a home where you have incoming guests frequently, then it is important that you have a clean guest bathroom. Here we present to you some easy bathroom upgradeswhich will not only lift up the aesthetics of your apartment décor but also delight your houseguests with your thoughtfulness.

Keep an array of accessories

Most guest bathrooms only contain a soap at best. How about stepping beyond that and giving them options? Keep fragrant hand sanitizers or liquid soaps along with general soap. You should also take note of the bathroom decorating accessories, such as soap container, soap dish, brush holder etc. You can find an array of elegant bathroom accessories to adorn your bathroom. Choose colors that are complimentary to your overall bathroom décor, such as the color of your wall and floor tiles.

Bright lighting with clean windows

Most bathrooms are dimly lit and if your apartment size is small, then it may look cramped and claustrophobic so choose bathroom lighting fixtures wisely. You should ensure overhead lighting above the mirror as well as add extra lighting, such as elegant wall fixtures for proper illumination.

In case your bathroom has a window make sure it stays clean as windows with cobwebs or dust surface are a complete no-no!  Choose newspapers or microfiber clothes to wipe the glass clean. Both the exterior and interior sides should be properly cleaned for best results. This will also allow ample natural daylight and illuminate the bathroom.

Make it elderly friendly

When you have parents or elderly relatives to visit your apartment, you should take note that your bathroom features are elderly friendly, such as no lose grab bars that can fall off and trigger untoward accidents or slippery floors where elders may slip. You can place a small seater which can come in handy to the elders for sitting and even place baskets of towels  on them for extra storage space.

Also make sure there is a bathroom mat at the front so that elders do not trip on slippery floor and your apartment stays clean.

Add small touches

At the end of the day, it is the small touches that matter so do not forget the little things. Small features like having scented candles or air fresheners make it look like you actually put in some effort and make your guests feel right at home.  If you are a lover of nature you can also add vases of fresh flowers to adorn the bathroom décor. Although the bathroom may feel like an unlikely place, a touch of greenery adds vibrancy to your bathroom décor and lifts up its elegance.

Discard the old stuff

When you are considering a bathroom upgrade you should definitely get rid of the old, worn out stuff which hamper the overall elegance of your apartment decor. For instance, if you have leaky faucets or broken shower handles, you should replace them as soon as possible.

When carrying out bathroom upgrades, you should keep in mind not just your personality but also the audience,  that is the visitors who will be using it. Hopefully with these tips and tricks,you can create a bathroom décor which will be a pleasant surprise for your visitors.

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