Flats for Sale in Dhaka : A Selection of the Finest Abodes in Uttara

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July 16, 2020 Investment Decision

With changing times, our needs have shifted to accommodate our desires in the best possible way. A home is our most treasured place-it is our safe abode, an abode that holds the smallest of memories. Needless to say, this makes us yearn for a home that will be our escape from the fast-paced urban life. No matter the size and shape, a loving home at a peaceful location can become a dreamy sanctuary that we desire. Which is why, we decided to bring you a selection of amazing homes in various sizes- all in the serenity of Uttara!

Uttara: An Urban Escape

If we remember Uttara from just two decades ago, pictures of a serene, green neighborhood will crowd our minds. Wide, empty roads with a few rickshaws being idly pulled, the afternoon sun seeping through the leaves onto verandahs where children are playing doll, distant noises of birds chirping, and a peaceful quietness that blankets the area. It reminds us of stress-free days, sound slumber and the joy of growing up in a secure, green neighborhood.

Gradually, urbanization has brought changes to the place, and now Uttara has one of the most exciting commercial hubs of Dhaka. The quietness has been replaced by the sound of our busy lives. Yet, Uttara has managed to hold on to its essence through the peace it still provides in its residential zones. This makes it a great competitor against other locations of the city. Because Uttara provides comfort and peace, and also offers top-notch facilities to suit our modern day needs. It now offers some great apartments/flats for sale in Dhaka that will take your breath away! So, if you want to buy an apartment in Dhaka, Uttara should be one of the prime choices!

A City on its Own

Uttara, in all honesty, is a city on its own. Entirely independent, Uttara grants you great homes and facilities that will make you want to flock over to indulge in them! Each sector is served with a plethora of civic facilities, especially Sector 3 which a beautiful residential zone. With reputed schools like Scholastica, Mastermind, etc., Sector 3’s lifestyle is utterly amazing. Well known hospitals like Labaid is just a short distance away. Moreover, banking services can be accessed effortlessly with banks like EBL around. Sector 3 will unfailingly provide you with everything without you having to travel too far!

Classic Abodes at A Classic Location- You Have it All!

The reality does not need to be sugarcoated if it provides you the most practical solution to your needs. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what size of a home we can afford. If the coziest of homes offer incredible functionality and amenities, size will merely be a number. bti, is a leading development company in Bangladesh that is constantly in a quest for giving you the best. In that quest it has designed its classic collection homes that will give life to your dreams, no matter what is your budget. Each and every brick is put together to build for you the magical and joyful experience that is home ownership. Take our lovely Montpellier for example, which is situated in the beautiful location of Sector 3. It is a 1700+ sft. home that is designed to grant you a convenient life with amazing amenities. It is spacious enough yet intimate for a small family to live comfortably with joy. The abundance of greenery at the rooftop make a it a perfect retreat to relax. If you are looking for a cozy apartment for sale in Dhaka, more specifically Uttara, go for Montpellier!

Another beautiful abode in the peaceful residential zone of Sector 3 is bti- Chancellor. With similar location perks, this home is slightly more spacious than Montpellier, with great functionality. The homes are around 1800+ sft, so you get plenty of space for your little family. It indeed is a great apartment for sale in Dhaka, no question in that. Its elegant features will give you a lavish experience, turning your humble abode into a palace of joy!

A Mesmerizing Experience- Within and Beyond the Four Walls!

Uttara Sector 3’s Pacifica is a home that will give you a sweet taste of luxury lifestyle. Its single unit 2900+ homes will bear witness to your life of limitless happiness. We have already discussed the perks of Sector 3, so let’s talk more about this marvelous abode! The ground floor is adorned with mezzanine, so walk into a posh space that reflects the brilliantly stylish homes. Understanding your yearning for nature, bti puts utmost effort to incorporate greenery in its homes as much as possible. And its incredible rooftops with sufficient greenspace attests for it! Bask in the tranquility of Uttara without stepping out!

In Sector 3, bti also gives you La Esencia! It’s a 2100+ home where stylish features merge with convenient amenities to offer you a sensational lifestyle. The homes are as elegant as the name, and the beautifully designed façade will inspire you even before you step in. The rooftop has a nice Bar-B-Que area hosted among a plethora of greenery. This home not only offers you a few rooms- it offers an experience that spans beyond the four walls!

Within the same size range you can also opt for Belvoir Castle, which offers 2100+ sft. homes in Sector 4. It is a classic abode that can be your sweet retreat within the city. It gives you the experience of an exclusive lifestyle with its single unit abodes, all to yourself! Each 3 bedroom apartment is crafted with love for a modern comfortable life. At Belvoir Castle, you can escape to the nature in the sublime roof garden, enhancing your experience of living in Uttara!

A Blend of Luxury and Serenity

Uttara’s boundless natural beauty is amplified when you enjoy it from a luxury home. In the peaceful Sector 3, bti brings you its first Premium Project in Uttara- Junction 54.Enjoy the freedom of a corner plot, a rare pleasure in the city! Watch dreams fly from the veranda, as it is very close to HazratShahjalal Intl. Airport. With single unit apartments in each floor, it represents itself as a home of the Luxury+ Line in every manner. The apartments range between 2785-2806 sft., a luxurious sprawl for an exciting lifestyle!Junction 54 is a prestigiousaddress of your desire, an unique home! So, if you are looking for a luxury apartment or flat for sale in Dhaka, make Junction 54!