Forget Your Post Handover Blues With bti’s After Sales Service

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May 17, 2021 Investment Decision

An apartment is a culmination of dreams, years of patience, and a hard-earned investment. As the top real estate company of Bangladesh, bti greatly understands the need of customers to get their apartments within timeframe. Our unparalleled customer service, commitment, experience, and excellent construction are just some of the qualities we bear, resulting in more than 6000 happy customers! However, what really makes us unique among all other real estate companies is our after sales service. Our customer-centric post handover services will surely get rid of all your worries once you get the keys to your apartment.

Post Handover

You might think that after getting your dream home you have nothing to worry about. The truth is that there is so much left to do! After you have moved in, chances are that others have not moved in yet. The project will mostly remain empty and security will be a cause of concern. Chances are that you will require maintenance or gardening services. These issues will stress you out. New home, unknown people, unfamiliar neighborhood, and overall nervousness can factor in more. In fact, there is an actual name for this feeling- post handover blues! In order to remove you from these blues, bti can be faithfully at your service.

After Sales Services

bti provides free after sales service for one whole year after project handover. These services range from lift maintenance, gardening, exterior and interior paints, generator issues, and so on. The list is endless. For example, if you need a gardener, bti can provide you your required staff. If something is faulty in your kitchen, we will fix it in an instant. After that one year period, you can choose to renew our services. We can assure you that those who have experienced our after sales services did not look anywhere else!

The First Year

For starters, we provide support staff such as caretakers, cleaning staff, gardeners, and security guards. They are well-trained both in their jobs and demeanor, and will help you settle into your new home easily. In case of emergencies they are always ready to help. They are responsible for the cleanliness, security, and organization of the premise. We also ensure that there is a fixed committee established which comprise of the landowners and homeowners of bti, overseen by a representative of bti Property Management. We discuss cost minimization services, funds, maintenance services, number of support staff and their payscale, and other issues with the committee. We collectively come to a common decision regarding the premise. After one year, you can opt out of our service and the committee can maintain the building and staff on their own. Last but not least, we help beautify the project or perform any maintenance you need in your home.

It is safe to say that we do not just leave our customers hanging after handover. Bti remains faithful to them and ensures that the transition to a new home is as stress-free as possible. Let bti take care of your premise while you adjust to a new lifestyle and a new atmosphere. Forget your post handover blues and know that bti has your back!