Granite Care Timetable and Tips: Keep Your Counter-top Shine

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August 31, 2017 Apartment Living

If you’ve opted for granite countertops in your new apartment, you’ve made an excellent choice. Not only is granite one of the finest natural stones but it’s also incredibly hard-wearing, and largely resistant to stains, scratches, heat and water. Plus it offers refreshing natural coolness, a real bonus in our hot climate. But be prepared that your investment in this luxurious stone must be matched by investment in time and care. Follow this simple cleaning timetable to ensure your granite retains its natural beauty and shine for years to come.

Seasonal care: Sealing the surface

Granite is naturally porous, some colors more so than others. This can make your countertop susceptible to stains. But there’s a simple answer…apply a sealant. Sealing your granite will provide protection against liquids and germs settling into pores, and will make daily cleaning easy.

How to seal your countertop

Simply wipe the surface clean then apply the sealant with a smooth cloth and leave to dry. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

When to use a sealer

Sealing your granite twice a year is usually recommended, but you can check the effectiveness of your sealer with this simple test:

  • In a hidden area of your countertop, leave a small spill of water.
  • After 30-40 minutes, wipe it up.
  • If there are no visible changes to the surface the sealant is effective, but if there is a slight darkening of the stone, then you need to reseal. Ensure you dry the spot to reduce staining.

Daily care: Wiping down

Once sealed, all you need is mild soap and water for daily wiping. To remove any streaks, simply buff your surface to a shine using a soft microfiber cloth. No expensive products are needed, but dedication to wiping is a real must. Mop up spills as soon as they occur to avoid the risk of staining. Be particularly vigilant with oils, red wine, lemon juice and vinegar – all of which can leave their mark on granite. It’s best to avoid storing these liquids on the countertop and remember to have a mat or coaster to hand when using them.

3 – Weekly care: The deep clean

When disinfecting your countertop, stay clear of harsh abrasives such as bleach which can damage the surface and strip away the shine. Similarly, vinegar – a popular natural alternative cleaner – shouldn’t be used. Instead, invest in a cleaning product that’s specifically designed for granite or make you own granite cleaner using a small amount of rubbing alcohol or vodka, gentle dish soap mixed with water, and a few drops of essential oils – a similar recipe to our natural bathroom deodorizer. Simply spray this solution on your countertop and wipe with a soft cloth.

Cleaning for longevity

Caring for your granite countertop is by no mean an onerous task, and once your care timetable is up and running it will become second nature. Simply treat your granite with love and attention by following the seasonal, daily and weekly rituals, and you will be rewarded with elegant surfaces that exude luxurious shine for years to come.