6 Features of a Great Neighborhood to Buy Home

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February 13, 2017 Investment Decision

A great neighborhood is more than a convenient location to buy home.

When you decide to buy apartment one of the important factors to consider is the location of the real estate property and its surrounding neighborhood.  The best places to buy apartment have neighborhoods that are convenient and are appealing to prospective home buyers in a multitude of ways.

Here’s how to spot a great neighborhood when you are looking for your next home which most people do not consider


When buying apartment,  great neighborhoods offer ease of commuting daily so that you can travel back and forth to your work place and visit other city parts without a lot of hassle. This is especially important if you buy apartment in Dhaka as traveling within city even from one part to another can be full of traffic and time-consuming. A great location for your home will serve its residents and visitors with well-developed infrastructure and different methods of transportation such as bus stop services, CNG stop etc.

Social gathering spots

In this today’s technologically advanced era most people only care for interacting in social media limiting human connections. An apartment in a prime location allows and encourages social gatherings- for instance nearby parks can provide a great place to take your children out on a weekend.  Amusement parks such as Jamuna Future Park as well as numerous parks in different sectors of Uttara, Mirpur DOHs provide great examples where you can spend quality time with your family. Apart from that many apartments from renowned real estate developer companies in Bangladesh also take care of this aspect right within the boundaries of your apartment with features like community hall, BBQ space etc.

Visually appealing

Another sign of a great neighborhood to buy apartment is its visual appeal. For instance, even though we live in Dhaka city, which granted does lack a systemic urban planning and development, you will still find tucked away amidst the cityscape, pieces of sanctuary in neighborhoods with aesthetically designed apartments, greenery, landmarks and much more. A great neighborhood attracts potential apartment buyers not just with visual appeal but also a healthy life with clean streets, good lighting and vibrant greenery that looks warm and inviting so that you want to come back to it again and again.

Lots of entertainment

When you want step away from your daily life does your neighborhood provide an escapade from the daily life? Suppose you come back to your apartment on a Thursday night and do not feel like cooking, do you then have to drive half way around the city to find quality restaurant with good food? A great neighborhood for apartment will provide you with a plethora of options where you can celebrate life. For instance if you are a coffee lover, a quick trip to Gloria Jeans in Gulshan or Baridhara or any other quality coffee shop such nearby can make that particular neighborhood a great place for you to buy home.

A signature of its own

Every neighborhood in Dhaka has evolved with the development of the country but even then all areas have their own essence- a signature of its own. For instance, Old Dhaka is known for its biriyani or horse carriages that are unique to the area, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is reputed for having several foreign embassies, Gulshan, Banani is known for its posh living and so on. This signature of a particular neighborhood is what emotionally attaches a resident to the location and fosters a sense of pride. As an apartment owner of that particular neighborhood you will always have stories to tell of life lived there for generations to come.

Close to amenities

Even if you own a palace, traveling miles before you come to civilization may soon make your daily life stressful as it is not self-sustaining. You need to shop for grocery or send your kids to school etc. That is why it is important to consider buying apartments in prime locations of the city even if you have to pay more for it. Your neighborhood should have these important amenities close by -grocery shops, supermarket, schools, hospitals, pharmacy stores, cafes. This will make your daily life both comfortable and convenient.

Although some aspects such as apartment amenities available and accessibility may spring to your mind immediately when you are looking to buy apartment in Bangladesh, careful delving may reveal to you little factors tied to real estate location which will make a great neighborhood for you to buy home.

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