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June 15, 2017 Apartment Living

If your apartment is a cluttered mess,  full of items you don’t need or use, then it can overwhelm you after you come back home and destroy the peace of your mind. This guide will help you in sorting out your apartment rooms over a seven-day period. The end result? By the weekend- you will have an apartment décor that is organized, making you feel right at home.

Entry space

One of the most overlooked apartment spaces is the entry to your apartment. It is often regarded as a permanent magnet for attracting dust, mud, bugs as well as storage space for shoes. Consider placing a plastic mat at the entryway which is easy to clean. To add some punch to the apartment décor, place a potted plant.


The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in your apartment, and it can be a cumbersome job to maintain it. One great apartment decorating tip for kitchen maintenance is to have kitchen cabinets which will minimize the clutter. You can choose from open shelving units or modular kitchen cabinets depending on your apartment size.
For having a healthy environment in the kitchen, try to work, cook and clean in an organized way. For instance, keep the kitchen countertop empty except the stuff you need handy. Do not pile too many dishes all at once on kitchen sink, instead take turns and make habit to clean dishes after each meal.

Dining room

Even if you do not use the dining space extensively, you should keep it clean and organized as it is one of the central spaces for family gatherings, hosting parties etc. Of the key elements in the interior décor of dining space is the dining table. Make sure you clean it twice after lunch and dinner to remove stains and food particles. Also don’t clutter it by keeping too many crockery when you are not serving any meals. Have a minimalistic décor in your dining table with a jar of water and a vase along and the essentials.

Living room

Perhaps the most functional space in your apartment– the living room can be used for hangouts, relaxing, watching TV or having dinner. As a result, it can be cluttered with stuff that you do not regularly use. De-clutter by getting rid of unnecessary stuff- start with cleaning the centre table, which in most apartments is used as permanent storage space. To enhance the interior design, make sure you keep the living space clean by vacuuming sofa and other upholstery at least once a month.  If you have a hectic schedule, keep it on a weekend morning.

Also if you have kids in your home, then living room can turn into a place for kids to leave their toys all over the floors or on sofas. Teach your kids to take them away after they have finished playing.


If you are suffering from chronic insomnia then, it could be because your bedroom is not comfy enough to invite a peaceful night’s sleep.  Elevate apartment décor by de-cluttering your bedroom space.  Remove clothes scattered here and there, and make sure you restrict use of technology in the bedroom, as they can keep you up at night. Create a comfortable and healthy zone by regularly changing bedspreads, dusting off curtains and other upholstery.


Dirt, cobwebs, and molds are biggest enemies of your bathroom. Start with cleaning them and tackle humidity issues. You should also de-clutter your bathroom by getting rid of stuff you do not need there, such as old tooth brushes, empty toiletries, etc. Always remember to stock your bathroom with fresh towels and air freshener. You should also invest in an exhaust fan or keep windows open for a portion of each day to allow air flow. This will prevent molds from growing.

When you buy an apartment, you need to take care of it for the rest of your life to ensure a comfortable and healthy living space. With these easy tips and tricks, you can have a beautifully organized home where you will enjoy life every day.