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August 26, 2020 Investment Decision


We were hardly able to predict a global pandemic unfurl and suffocate our livelihood and social activities to such an extent in 2020. Yet, life went on and the bigger decisions that we make in life for a secure future could not be left aside. Our hopes about our dream homes, which are so dear to us, and had been awaiting us, also came to a sudden pause. However, we are now transitioning to the new normal. If you are looking for a flat for sale in Dhaka, or to buy an apartment in Bangladesh, forget your worries! bti, one of the leading real estate company in Dhaka, keeping the status quo in mind, has introduced something out of the ordinary but an easy solution to visiting homes from afar.

Life-like visuals

bti’s virtual tour offers you one of the most excellent visuals amongst any other Bangladesh real estate experience online. An all encompassing 360 degrees view of the apartment of your choice facilitates the experience of a life-like visual of a fantastic home while a soothing music plays in the background. With the cursor placed on the screen, you can click and drag to get a better, zoomed in visual that will allow you to basically visit every corner of the magnificently furnished space inside the ready flat. It is an online experience of home visiting and buying that one can only hope for that we have brought to you, so you can do it all from the safety and comfort of your own homes.

Convenient interface with optimum details

Virtual tour comes in an utmost convenient interface. Each of the available visual can be accessed by buttons at the bottom of the screen using which you can zoom in and out, move to the right or left, or up or down and pause the tour to take a better look at any given spot. On the top bar, you will find individual options to visit inside the living, dining, bed and bathrooms, along with the family lounge, allowing you to visit every nook and cranny of the home you desire for. Moreover, the entire floor plan is available to the user in one single, simple layout with optimum details. The interface additionally provides special features, location and bird’s eye view of the entire floor plan at the click of the mouse and all these options are placed at the left bottom corner of your screen. On the bottom right corner is bti’s hotline, contact information and social media handles that you can instantly communicate via to get more information or place your booking. What is most interesting to note here is that, all of this is happening in one webpage, so there is no need for you to wait every time while a new page loads every time you click on something you would like to see closely!

Enjoy the grandness of  The Destination

One of the most magnificent insights into our Luxury homes at the Virtual Tours would be The Destination bti’s penthouse that will sweep you off your feet. Find yourself looking at the green lawn surrounding the cobalt swimming pool where natural light glimmers. With the click of a mouse, step into the dining room facing the pool and green lawn, the living room with ample sunlight, a comfortable family lounge, and any of the six bedrooms. Each bedroom, with the beautiful décor, is spacious and cozy. Needless to say, it is the most advanced digital platform to explore your dream home.

If you are looking to buy apartment and the perfect home for yourself and family, bti’s virtual tour is definitely the place to start looking from the comfort of staying indoors and taking a tour of all our collections. Starting from Standard to Classic to Luxury, we have got you covered on all flats for sale. Take a peek inside our Virtual Tours web access today!