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February 28, 2022 Real Estate Investment

Bangladesh is home to more than 180 million people, who are all involved in developing the country to new heights every single day, step by step. However, there are those who are silently making our country a better place and making us proud even from a distance. Our non-resident Bangladeshis representing this glorious nation have contributed immensely in building our economy. Their role in the real estate sector has encouraged bti to take initiatives that would allow them to rightfully own and manage properties in Bangladesh without hassle. If you are someone living abroad and reading this, it is time you learned about the House of bti, through which you can own a home in your homeland. Get complete real estate solutions with bti for your home without having to be physically present here.


Put Your Land to Good Use

Are you a non-resident Bangladeshi with spare lands back home? Maybe it was the lack of time or opportunity that prevented you from returning to Bangladesh and making something of those lands. It is not easy to leave an established life in a foreign country and return to your roots empty-handed and without a plan. We understand that, and so to make your life easier, we have Square Feet Story (SFS), a venture from bti that gives you the necessary support to transform your land to the address you desire. We offer construction management and architectural design services, through which you can relax while we develop your land. With experts in control and decades of expertise at hand, you have nothing to worry about. Even for those who already own apartments and commercial spaces, we offer innovative, timeless interior designs and landscaping solutions. You can also ask us about how we provide 3D visualization and logistic support.


Make The Most of Your Property

Living abroad, you may have thought of buying apartments or commercial spaces back in Bangladesh, but you hardly have the time or opportunity to buy one from miles away, let alone sell one or rent one out yourself. Bti has a solution just for you! You can count on bti Brokerage, the most reliable and efficient property solutions provider. We thoroughly check the authenticity of each property and each buyer, seller, and tenant. We also offer free home inspection, documentation support, financing assistance, and even home shifting support. This means the next time you want to buy an apartment, or sell or rent an existing one, you know bti Brokerage has you covered. No need for endless property visits or wasting time behind fixing documents. We take away all the hassle from you. 


Manage Your Property From a Distance

Many Bangladeshis abroad struggle to find reliable personnel who can take care of their homeland properties. Trust issues, cases of crime, and your absence are enough to cause insecurities within a residence. What if you could hire property management services from abroad? This is what our bti Property Management team has to offer. We provide polite, well-trained, and smart caretakers, gardeners, security personnel, and cleaners who are ready to keep your property prim and proper. You can also contact us regarding renovation, external and internal paint services, and all kinds of maintenance issues. We will be at your service at your earliest convenience. 


Build The Home of Tomorrow

Whether it is a duplex or a standard high-rise, high quality building materials are truly what makes a structure timelessly strong and study. There is no room for mistakes during construction, so if you want zero compromise, choose bti Building Products to build your dream home. Our eco-friendly concrete hollow blocks can be used to construct in a manner that saves both time, costs, and usage of mortar and other materials. The finish of the construction is seamless and leads to a tougher, more durable structure compared to those made with traditional bricks. These blocks are weather-resistant and allow the indoors to stay warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Now that the Government is making usage of such blocks mandatory, it is a win-win for anyone hoping to build structures that last a lifetime. We also offer concrete bricks, pavement tiles, and unipavers that are widely used in parking lots, warehouses, pedestrian and car ramps, interiors, etc.

As you are willing to take a leap of faith and invest in real estate, know that bti has been leading this sector for four decades. Our design excellence, high quality of construction, reliability, and customer centricity has won the hearts of more than 6000 customers and counting. If you want to be a part of the bti family, now is the time!