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September 22, 2020 Apartment Living


It took a global pandemic for us to realize how we lead our lives. Nature slowly made a comeback while the global population practised social distancing. Wildlife creeped back into the empty suburbs and cities, and pollution decreased to an all-time low as travel bans swept across  nations. Covid-19 has led many of us to appreciate our community, our health, and well-being even more. We now understand our deep-rooted connection to nature. We have been leading unhealthy, sedentary lives, all while looking for cures in little medicine pills. Unknown diseases will come and go, and we can always develop treatments, but it is common knowledge that prevention is better than cure. Our predecessors did not think of long-term health benefits when making homes. Instead of living in concrete blocks of depression, today’s real estates want their customers to live a healthier and happier lifestyle, using technology and innovative ideas. What if there was a possibility that the very home you live in could provide you additional health benefits and immunity in the long run?

Innovative Use Of Science And Technology

In this era of the new normal, we feel isolated and socially distant, which is affecting us mentally, physically and psychologically. The 21st century has brought tremendous advances in medicine, engineering and technologies, but the previous housing solutions have left people feel sick, lonely, stressed, and ultimately unhappy. It is no surprise that our environment tremendously shapes our health. Since most of our time and money is invested in the home environment, it can significantly affect our health outcomes. More than 220 recent studies suggest that customers want homes built to enhance and establish healthy lifestyles and they are ready to pay more for it. They want increased open space, undisturbed patches of greenery, clean systems for people with respiratory issues, and lower pollution, just so that they could breathe fresh air. Customers want to live in homes where they could socialize, and yet be able to maintain a comfortable distance. Striking such a balance between man and nature, space and closeness is difficult, but not impossible. Exposure to outdoor activities and social gatherings is good for the mind and body. Taking this into account, modern real estates are heavily investing in communities, where the target is to build homes for the overall wellness of the community.

More Focus on Greenery

In Dhaka, lush vegetation is hardly seen. Man has forgotten nature by building lofty skyscrapers, and this has only brought further harm. Distance from nature, coupled  with various physical and psychological stress factors that people are subject to, have caused urban dwellers  to be unhappy and anxious. In a gated community, green space can be dedicated for outdoor meditation, picnics, and children’s playground for the residents’ well-being. This could curb children and teens away from social media and gadgets so that they enjoy the outdoors and connect with each other at a personal level. You can sit quietly next to nature and enjoy the beautiful view, or arrange picnics and outdoor brunch with your neighbors. Each building can be allocated with its own space for rooftop gardening, but the community can also come together and try organic farming in a common space. This way, residents get to eat raw and fresh produce without preservatives and other dangerous chemicals which are harmful to health. Natural compost from every home can be collected and used as natural fertilizers for the soil all year round. The greenery would keep the air relatively clean, and your mind stress-free! These activities may sound tedious, but with time, you would grow to enjoy them just like everyone else. A sense of belonging to the community would make you feel positive and relaxed. The happiness of each individual can collectively increase the holistic health of an entire community.

Lifestyle Features That Bring You Closer

Social gatherings help keep a community entertained. However, what if there is an epidemic situation, or other emergencies? To maintain the strength of a community, it is crucial for people to enjoy time together. So, most real estates are focusing on creating amenities aimed to bring customers together in a safe, healthy space but without having to bring anyone from outside. In an epidemic situation this is particularly useful. Larger-than-life multipurpose halls can be transformed into spectacular venues for birthday parties, weddings, indoor games, community meetings, and even pet shows! All age groups can hang out in a gym or swimming pool, where one can take fitness to the next level and make new acquaintances. If you are a jogging enthusiast, you can use jogging tracks to your heart’s content. Amphitheatres can be used to arrange game nights, theatres, concerts, and so much more. All the amenities are intended to serve the healthy lifestyle of clients by bringing residents closer and working towards common ideas.

With cities increasing in size, homes for a vast number of people are becoming smaller and cramped. The cluttered environment of urban areas have left people yearning for open green space and natural air. Tall buildings and large homes are only making people unhappier. Modern real estates aim to revolutionize the concept of homeowning by focusing on the long-term health and happiness of their clients. The idea emerged from a sense of responsibility towards protecting the environment and improving the health of families. Through gated community projects, clients get to connect to nature and community in a safer and healthier way. An active lifestyle and positive mood could boost your immune system, keep you healthy and happy.