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March 4, 2017 Investment Decision

In your search of dream home, it is always best to check out a number of real estate properties to make a well-informed decision. Before making the final apartment buying decision, you need to set yourself some criteria for the kind of apartment you are looking for. You can compare two or more great apartment properties based on several factors, such as apartment price, location etc.

Features and amenities

As an apartment buyer, you need to critically analyze the apartment features and amenities of two or more real estate properties before selecting. One apartment may have a ton of features except for the one you are looking for, in that case, choose the property that fits your want list. For instance, do you want a balcony or an open terrace? Does the apartment community have a gym or swimming pool? In comparing, check out the prospectus of the respective apartments for sale and find out which property has the higher number of features you are seeking in your dream home.

Real estate experts suggest you set a priority list based on three segments

  • Must have apartment features
  • Nice to have but can live without
  • Dream apartment features

Apartment size, floor plan and layout

Things to consider when buying an apartment also include comparing apartment sizes, floor plans and layout. You need to consider the usable square footage area, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and so on. Many developer companies in Bangladesh also offer several apartment floor plans, as well as apartment customization to suit your needs. Choose the one that requires the least customization as it will cost you less money. At the end of the day, your apartment should make you feel at home so select wisely. For instance, if you want privacy you might want to choose an apartment floor plan that has foyer space.


You should take note of the property location too. Some apartment buyers don’t mind commuting if they have a nicer place to live in, but if you want easy commuting, you might have to give up on properties that are far from where you work. If location is important to you then you can narrow down your choices by looking at apartments for sale in one particular area that is convenient for you.

Apartment price and other costs

The apartment price of your chosen property is a critical factor when buying an apartment. Even if you find your dream apartment, it may well seem out of your reach. You should also remember additional expenses that come with apartment ownership such as registration fee, utility bills, monthly installment payments, tax and so on. This will help you in selecting the right property that fits your budget.

Brand value

When buying apartments in Bangladesh, you should note that there are several developer companies, both small and big ones operating in the country. Your apartment will vary according to the developer company in terms of apartment features, construction quality, apartment price and so on. It is best you buy from a reputed developer company so that you do not face any regrets later on.

Additionally, if you ever wish to resell your apartment, you are likely to get a higher return if you buy an apartment from a developer company with high brand value.

Hopefully, with careful comparison and diligent research, you will find the home of your dreams.  You can also browse bti properties for sale to start your apartment search.