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August 16, 2018 Apartment Living


While not everyone has the luxury to live in a palace-like home, most of us wish to have an elegantly designed living room even if it is a small apartment. Although you cannot magically increase the dimension of your living space, there are tips and tricks which can help you decorate a small living room so that it feels open and stylish. Here are some designer tips on how to decorate a small living room.

Keep the furniture to a minimum

One of the imperative considerations when decorating a small living room is to keep it free. Avoid bulky furniture pieces at all cost. One designer tip is to use sofa or chair with open legs as opposed to closed ones as the former creates the illusion of a larger living room. You can also invest in rounded coffee tables or side tables instead of having a center table which eats up a lot of floor space in your tiny living room.

Choose a soft color palette

Expert interior designers all around the globe suggest sticking to a soft color palette when it comes to painting your small living room. The neutral colors add a homely touch instead of overwhelming you. Shades of blue and grey are favorites for painting small spaces of many interior designers who claim that they can make space appear bigger when used both on walls and ceilings without any trims.

Let the light in

When you buy an apartment in Dhaka, you might find most of the time that your home does not receive enough sunlight. What to do in an apartment that makes you feel like doom and gloom with all the darkness? The key is to ensure the living room is brightly illuminated. If it’s not front facing or does not have any source for natural light, then use uplights, or floor lamps to brighten up space.

Add small home décor accessories

Since you are largely restricted with the use of space, you can still add small accessories to uplift your home décor. Smart places to showcase home accessories in your small living room can be a corner table or wall shelves. This will make your home feel elegant instead of a blank canvas. You can find home accessories anywhere in your local shops or even online.

Use the wall

Walls provide a great space when you have a small living room. For instance, hang the TV on a wall instead of placing it on a table. You can also build storage space for showcasing books, showpieces, photo frames, etc to make a statement wall. These little nuances add personality to your living room design.

Add colors in soft doses

While using a neutral color palette is a smart way to decorate a small living room, you can still use colors without overdoing it to add some punch to your apartment décor. For instance, add some colorful patterned throw pillows, a small rug or wall painting for that dash of color.

Don’t leave out the nature

Greenery enlivens any space be it large or small with vibrancy. So don’t forget to add some plants to your small living room décor. You can use fresh flowers or small potted money plant to do this simple trick that is sure to please as you step into your living room.
With these simple design tips on to how to decorate a small living room, you can easily make your living room elegant, stylish and functional. For more design tips, you can also consult bti interior solutions.