How to Jazz up Your Living Room

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November 26, 2020 Apartment Living


Living room décor is significant for the overall apartment design. Why? Because when your guests enter your home, your living room is always the first space that greets them. You must keep two things in mind though: the key to having the perfect living room décor is to ensure comfort and style. Here are some points you should keep in mind when decorating the heart of your home!

Nothing too elaborate for the small living space!

Finding it too hard to style your small living room? The easiest solution is to go for nothing too elaborate! Place multiple, small furniture that leave small pockets of space for you to walk around but still give a full look to the room. Curtain must also be picked carefully, so that it does not rob the attention of the living room to itself. Soft lighting, little show pieces and light colours should be strokes of design that will beautify your small space, making it warm, welcoming and cozy.

Modern living rooms require modern ideas!

What with new styles coming up in magazines and pop culture every single day, there is no end to one’s imagination. If your living room is spacious, the modern style entails introducing large and lavish furniture with elaborate and intricate designs. A perfect complement to this would be a wonderful chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling, throwing lights on boldly coloured curtains with frills. The center table can hold a wonderful center piece and any empty space can be occupied by a stereo system to entertain your friends or guests or perhaps an aquarium to give a lively touch to the décor!

Minimalist Living Room

Minimalism is the design style that does not solely focus on décor or aesthetics but also on functionality. What’s interesting is minimalist designs are trending worldwide just for its simplicity and subtle elegance at the same time! Use casual geometric shapes for wall décor and shades of monochromatic colours for couches and cushions. Keep a small bookshelf by the window that gives ample, natural light and comfort to your eyes. Use light curtains of warm colours that are easy to draw but also enhance the beauty of the space.


Styling is one thing but accessorizing perfectly, without much chaos or without enough style is key to the living room décor. Place rugs on the floors to add some colour to it and may be an extra cushion on the arm chair for the comfort of your back. Lamps can be a great addition to an empty corner and perhaps a book or a bunch of magazine accompanying it on the side table. A trinket like a wind chime at the entrance door to your living room, a small plant on the coffee table by your favourite couch, a painting to match the theme of the space can add so much to your living space! And all without making the décor seem too loud.