What Lies Behind the Colossal Gates? The Advantages of Living in a Gated Community

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November 6, 2017 Apartment Living


The famous English poet, John Donne once said – “No man is an island.”  Yes, we humans are social beings and we tend to depend on each other for love, happiness and growth. It seems that the gated communities have embraced this concept in the real sense.

So, what is this gated community all about?

Also termed as the walled community, a gated community is typically a residential or housing community with protected and controlled surroundings.

So, what exactly strikes in our mind when we think about ‘gated community?”  Exclusivity, security and lavish apartments are probably a few things that almost immediately come to our mind. Still, the logical mind never stops from questioning – what else lies behind those colossal gates? Possibly it is the aura of mystery and exclusivity that lies beyond the huge gate guardhouse, which makes it an enigmatic reality.    

Needless to say; living within the private gated community is sure to upgrade your lifestyle. With planned infrastructure,  world-class amenities and luxury lifestyle,  gated community offer you the safe and contemporary lifestyle that you aspire for.

Pondering on the significant benefits of living in the gated community will help you in making an informed decision.

Here are a few benefits of living in the gated community

Security & privacy – If in case security matters most to you, investing in a gated property stands as the smartest solution. The assurance of a safe and private environment is something, which only a gated community can offer to you

Lifestyle – If you like to entertain your guests or prefer an active lifestyle, living in a gated community might be the option for you. Based on the price of the property, some of the gated communities may feature swimming pool or tennis courts, some even may have golf courses, clubhouses, and other sports activities to keep you and your guests entertained.

Healthy & clean environment –  Walled properties guard you against the outside noise and pollution. Yes, within the gated community your environment remains healthy and clean. The abundance of greenery further adds in keeping the air fresh and pure.

Feel the sense of belonging –  Certainly, the most important aspect of living amongst people in a gated community has a direct connection with the sense of ‘community’ that you grow and nourish with one another.

The good news is, luxury apartments with walled community come in a number of housing styles and price brackets. Experience the joy of living in a gated community away from the city chaos. Experience the art of fine living at Shopnobilash, a gated community residence, nestled at the outskirts of Dhaka at Savar . With us you can expect to find the finest quality real estate, which will keep you safe, secured, and at ease with life.