Lighten Up Your Home with Summer Window Treatments

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May 31, 2017 Apartment Living

The temperature during summer in Bangladesh can skyrocket really high, especially during the periods without any rainfall. When you live in an apartment in Dhaka city, you can find the sun’s heat flair to become unbearable. To keep your apartment interiors cool and comfortable during summer, here are a few apartment decorating ideas with summer-friendly window treatments for your home.

Out with the heavy, in with the lightweight

To lower your apartment interior temperature, avoid thick heavy curtains made of silk, velvet etc. Instead use lightweight curtains of fabrics like lace, cotton, linen etc. These fabrics have pores in them which allow good ventilation in your home and keep the heat at bay.

Avoid dark colors

Color is an essential element in interior design not only for aesthetic purpose but also for your general comfort. During summer avoid using window treatments with dark colors and incorporate bright and soothing colors in your apartment décor. Steer away from dark pink, purple, black etc. Dark colors are known to absorb heat and can spike up your room temperature.

It is best to settle down with neutral colors such as white or pastel which allows natural light and creates a soothing ambiance. Avoid using too much bright colored curtains in areas of your home that receive the most sunlight as they will fade out sooner.

Use floral patterns

Summer calls for vibrancy and nothing adds liveliness to your apartment décor than using fabrics that have floral patterns. They not only add a burst of color in your living room décor but also make you feel fresh and cheerful when you step into the room. Combine it with some cushions having floral patterns to create a harmonious and rejuvenating interior design.

Install sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are your best friend if you want to enjoy the sunshine during the summer. You can use them in your living room, family living area, dining room, balcony, etc where you want to enjoy outside views while retaining privacy. They also help regulate temperature and keep bugs and insects out of your home when you keep the windows open.

Avoid layers

One simple apartment decorating tip for summer-friendly window treatment is to get rid of layers. If you have two layers of curtains or even back to back sewed curtains, discard them with single layer curtains. The curtains should be hung as close as possible to the window to reduce heat gain. Make sure both the left and right side curtains overlap in the center so that you can draw them close completely to keep the sun out.

Another thing to keep in mind for window treatments is that you should keep the curtains closed in east facing windows during the morning and in afternoon, close the west side facing window curtains to prevent overheating of the apartment.

With these tips and tricks, you can give a summer makeover to your window treatments and enjoy a comfortable apartment living experience. For more apartment decorating inspiration feel free to consult bti interior solutions.