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July 12, 2020 Apartment Living


Home décor matters, because the way you treat your home affects your life. It needs to be a haven than both relaxes and fulfills you. Which is why you could consider adding greenery to your home and create a more positive environment. Integrating greenery in your home offers more than just enhancing the beauty of your home. Plants have been known to have positive health benefits they are known to improve indoor air quality.

Now imagine if the common spaces in your home were decorated with plants and herbs… wouldn’t it look wonderful? They would feel comfortable and be more inviting in general. It is imperative to select the right plant for the right place and that is dependent on the availability of light, moisture, and benefits they provide according to their placement. A few of the popular choices are:

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  1. Peace Lily:

The peace lily is very low-maintenance which makes it a popular choice as a houseplant. It can survive in both ample and limited lighting, has smooth green leaves, and is very attractive. They can be placed in just about any corner of the room or a table. Peace lilies act as sort of a natural air purifier and improve the air quality in the room. They also help prevent mold spores from the air and use them as food; they also absorb harmful vapors like acetone.

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  1. Basil:

This is an excellent indoor plant as it is easy to grow in pots, just make sure it gets adequate sunlight. It keeps away bugs like mosquitoes, flies, and aphids. Basil is known for its use in the culinary world. From pizza topping to pesto it makes food taste delicious. It is also high in vitamins A and K and contains minerals like manganese, calcium, copper, and magnesium which are very good for a body. It also has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving benefits and can also be used in homemade cleaning products.

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  1. Citronella:

This plant adds more than a spot of color to your room. It naturally repels insects. It’s very useful, especially when its oil is extracted and used in insect repellents. This could help prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases, especially dengue. When buying citronella remember, it is a perennial grass, and a lot of the ones in the market may just be citronella scented geraniums that aren’t as effective as the original.

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  1. Aloe Vera:

These easy to grow plants fit in small pots and do not take up much space. It has the natural ability to thrive even if they are left alone for a few days, it just needs a well-lit corner. Apart from being great at absorbing toxins from the air, it has a gel inside the leaves that has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

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  1. French Lavender:

There are plants that make a room better not just visually but by their fragrance too. Lavender is used in many products such as scented candles, air fresheners, etc. due to it having a calming smell. It also drives away insects! Visually they add a pop of color due to their purple color. The only thing this plant requires to survive is a proper amount of sunlight, so it should be placed in the brightest corner of the room, ideally near a window. 289148

  1. Devil’s Ivy/Pothos

The pothos goes by several names like golden pothos or devil’s ivy and is easy to grow indoors. They add color to the room and have cascading tendrils that go best in hanging baskets. Capable of fighting off harmful aerial toxins like benzene and formaldehyde make it a useful plant to have indoors. It is also a tough plant to kill, so you do not need to worry about them dying due to a lack of care. It’s also a favorite indoor plant at NASA!

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  1. Rosemary:

This drought-tolerant herb thrives in bright sunlight and has a wide range of beneficial properties. It is used as a cooking ingredient mainly with meat dishes; it is also known to cure indigestion and help with muscle pain. Its fragrance is known to naturally enhance the mood, making you feel more refreshed and attentive.

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  1. Ferns:

These tropical plants are perfect to liven up the smaller rooms in your home. They survive on limited sunlight since the conditions are similar for them in a forest, and are naturally adept in regulating the moisture in their surrounding atmosphere.

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  1. Spider Plant:

Spider plants are extremely useful plants. They absorb carbon monoxide, allergens, and trace amounts of formaldehyde from the air. In as little as 2 days, they can remove up to 90 percent of the pollutants from the air indoors. They go great in the corners in the living rooms.

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  1. Snake Plants

These useful plants are very much underrated. They do not just add greenery to your home but absorb excess carbon dioxide during the day and release oxygen at night. They go well as corner decorations in a room and require very little sunlight and water to maintain healthy growth.


Having indoor plants can help curb our dependence on chemical air fresheners and also add a healthy amount of greenery to our decor. This keeps us safe from the harmful effects of artificially made chemicals and enhances our appreciation for life and nature.