Looking for a luxury property in Dhaka? Take a Closer Look at The City’s Neighborhoods

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October 27, 2017 Investment Decision

The real estate business has been flourishing in Bangladesh for quite a considerable period of time As it is with any other country in the world, the housing sector in Bangladesh also plays a pivotal part in the context of growth and economy of the country. With the increasing housing demand and rising population, apartment culture has gained a momentum in the capital city of Bangladesh.

It is also pertinent to mention here, Dhaka  has been witnessing  a fast development caused by the upsurge in economic growth from global investors.  This progress has also accelerated the infrastructure development in the region for accommodating business setups of some of the top corporate houses of the world. Since Dhaka  is also the epicenter of education in the country, some of the renowned universities and best English medium schools in Bangladesh are also located here. All these and much more have contributed in reshaping the growing demand for residential apartments in the capital city.

So, which is the best location to invest in a property in Dhaka? Here’s a closer look at the Dhaka neighborhoods.

Dhanmondi, Dhaka is a thriving residential area of the upper class

Dhanmondi, as a residential area is home to the upper class of Bangladesh. Huge commercial development has reshaped Dhanmondi to the core. With the recent real estate expansion and development, Dhanmondi has turned into a thriving and well planned residential area, speckled with some of the promising real estate projects.

Gulshan, on the other hand, is the  diplomatic zone of the capital city

The Gulshan area is home to most of the foreign embassies. The area is also dotted with the highest numbers of ‘private members-only’ clubs for the elites.  Over the period of time, the area has expanded into a well-knit and well-planned blend of residential as well as commercial neighborhood. The Gulshan area beckons with its promise of high life, elite boutiques, restaurants and luxury hotels, pubs,  shopping malls and plush supermarkets.  The residential part of the Gulshan area, thus consists of sprawling luxury homes with all the modern amenities and with the stunning natural views of the place.

Uttara is the place to consider if you are looking for a tranquil luxury living experience in the capital city

Possibly you know this already; Uttara residential area ranks as one of the top rated neighborhoods of the elite class of the capital city. As typically the home to a wide number of educational institutions, supermarket , and hospitals, the area has become the preferred choice for the upper middle class, looking for a peaceful and tranquil living experience.

You may even plan to stay at Mirpur –one of the most happening places in Dhaka

Yes, we all know Mirpur is undeniably a big name in Bangladesh and is typically occupied by the elite class residents. Peppered with sprawling luxury homes, high-end modern amenities, planned roads, Mirpur has become the most sought after destination by many. Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, the Dhaka Zoo, and the National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh are a few of the attractions of Mirpur. The other state of the art attractions of Mirpur is the Military Institute of Science and Technology and the Dhaka Commerce College.

If like many you are also looking for a residential place in Dhaka and if your budget allows you to book a luxury living space, we recommend you to find a home in any of these locations to feel the charm of leading a quality life in the world’s most hospitable place – Bangladesh.

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