A Luxurious Smart Home: An Inspiring Combination for an Extraordinary Lifestyle

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August 22, 2020 Investment Decision


2020 has been an era of setting new trends, especially in the housing sector. Adapting to adversities, innovations are an everyday affair now to reach new heights of progress. Similarly, combining luxury and technology in homes is becoming a new standard everyone hyped up about, especially in the luxury home industry. bti is revolutionizing this concept in Bangladesh and is reaching new dimensions in luxury housing through one of its most celebrated homes in North Gulshan- Three (https://www.btibd.com/property/flat-for-sale-in-gulshan/).

Days in Green: A Wonderful Life in Serenity

What’s unique about this home is that besides being located in the sublime serenity of North Gulshan, it revives you in sweet harmony of nature, as it overlooks the Gulshan Lake. This means, when you take a dip in the longest infinity pool known to be in a residential building in Bangladesh, it will feel as though you are one with the lake. The facilities of Gulshan are well known, the location speaks for itself. So let us delve into the in-house amenities of Three.  It is the perfect home for those who seek to live in the area in luxury with sufficient privacy. Each single unit home spans beyond 7000 sft., so you can imagine the unbound expanse we will have. At Three, you can entertain up to 150 guests indoors and outdoors, especially with its cleverly elevated landscaped garden which connects to the entertainment floor! With possibly the tallest vertical garden, you will get the much-needed privacy from the passersby. Three is a home that blends together elements to inspire you every moment.

Technology in Homes: Changing Our Lifestyles for the Better

Of course the concept of such an expanse within the four walls yet going beyond that through the brilliance of design- is a luxury. bti has this time has gone all way out to give you the most extravagance of experiences that you can have in a home. But the cherry on top here is undoubtedly the incorporation of smart technology. Smart features start at the entrance with individual punch card system and wrap the home in the spirit of high-powered lifestyle. Each single unit floor is accessible through the lift only to the ones who have the designated swipe cards. To enter your home, you have to scan your fingerprint, and in your absence you can let others in through your smart phone! Amazing, isn’t it?

Similarly, in case of emergencies, your home will alert you on your phone, so a gas leak will be the last of your worries. The control of the fans, lights, temperature and even the curtains will be at the tip of your fingers! Play your favorite tunes with a voice command and simply relax in the luxurious sprawl that is your 7000+ sft. home.

Smart homes have been present for some time now in the country, but through combining high-end technology with the extraordinarily luxury homes, bti has transformed the concept of luxury homes in Bangladesh. Three is a home ahead of its time, and without doubt one of the finest in the country.