Luxury Apartments in Dhaka: A Transition in Architectural Splendor

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February 10, 2020 Real Estate Industry

In the past few years, the growth of high-rise buildings in Dhaka has seen an immense leap. It is safe to say that Dhaka is now turning into a vertical city. That is, each architecture is a city in itself, each floor a story of various lives. This brings in the need to ensure that every vertical city sufficiently provides for the needs of its residents, which would need the buildings’ architecture to be a clever combination of style, functionality, and satisfaction. An architect must keep in mind to maintain the comfort of spacious accommodation while ensuring that the building or apartments have the luxury of it all- great amenities, adequate amount of facilities, recreational spaces and the serenity of a little green space. Here are a few things you must know about luxury apartments in Dhaka!

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The Transition at a Glance

Luxury apartments would also mean successfully blending in our existing influences- cultural and the Western inspirations with new, advanced technology based facilities. Stuffing your homes with every modern décor and amenity is not a step in the right direction. As the Managing Director of bti, Mr. Faizur Rahman Khan shared in a recent interview(, “the art of luxury is to blend the changes as beautifully as we can.”

 Luckily, the trend of upgrading one’s apartment or building to a luxurious standard has recently seen quite a smooth transition in Dhaka. So what has this transition incorporated, or will be incorporating in our architecture to define luxury apartments in Dhaka? Let’s take a look!

Green space and More: Landscaping Blissful Serenity

First impression definitely matters! What speaks luxury more than an entrance that radiates grandeur? Palatial or magnificent entrances are a part of our culture, and blending in modern designs such as double-height entrances has been prominent in Dhaka’s recent architecture. Moreover, intelligent landscaping of gardens too adds up to the lush environment of the property. Small fountains in buildings’ entrances or rooftops are getting replaced by water bodies being incorporated in the design, which certainly gives the homes a touch of nature and splendor. Such smooth integration is giving a new meaning to luxury apartments in Dhaka!

Security and Safety: Technology of the New Decade

Technology based security system is not a new addition to Bangladeshi real estate. However, the transition towards modern luxurious apartments has slowly added more advanced security and safety technology in homes. Many have added smoke detectors in their homes. The inventions that await you could be an even bigger step towards luxury apartments in Dhaka, like a number-plate recognizing device at the entrance to differ the residents’ cars from that of the guests.

Face recognition technology at the door or remote-controlled entrance gates could also mean less hassle besides the lavish feeling. In fact, these luxurious security systems are not years away, but have already been added in many luxury apartments in Dhaka. bti, which undoubtedly is the best real estate company in Bangladesh, has incorporated many of its smart security technology in its projects, such as Three, one of the finest of bti Platinum Collections.

Privacy and Comfort

Motion-sensor lighting that greets you as you walk into a room or climb up a lonely staircase too have been greatly prevalent in the past few years, which not only is a more energy conscious inclusion, but gives your home a warm feeling. Moreover, remote-controlled curtains ensure your comfort and the luxurious ambiance of your home.

real estate industry A Sweet Retreat to Unwind and Enjoy

After a long day at work, you may want to relax and let go of the stress when you get home, but your options inside the four walls are limited to reading a book or having a nice cup of tea in the balcony. However, a luxury apartment could provide you with more options to unwind or to just spend some quality time with your family. Apartments in Dhaka are usually designed with recreational rooftop spaces with gardens, but a step towards luxury has brought in the ideas of going beyond the usual.

Several projects now include a swimming pool, a notable one being bti’s The Destination, which not only has a soothing infinity pool, but a kiddie pool along with it to give you the opportunity to engage in quality time with your children. Additionally, it has a Meet & Greet lounge for you to create memories with friends and family. The project also includes a fancy movie theater for you to have outdoor entertainment right in your home in the most extravagant manner. Many other projects also include gym or exercise studios, which, although not a very recent idea, are constantly being made better to give you the most upscale experience you would expect luxury apartments in Dhaka.

It may make you wonder where in the hustle and bustle of Dhaka you might find such luxurious dwellings. Here are some places where you will find luxury apartments for sale in Dhaka!

Gulshan is one of the most prominent prestigious communities that offer great apartments for sale in Dhaka. bti’s Park Panorama, Three and Celestial Heights are the leading ones, to name a few.

When stumbling upon an advertisement for a flat sale in Dhanmondi, be sure to keep an eye out for The Destination, which will give you the best features of a luxury home amongst all the apartments for sale in Dhaka.

Uttara too has been keeping up with the upscale lifestyle, so don’t be surprised if you find a luxury apartment in a flat sale in Uttara that exceeds your expectations!

Of the apartments for sale in Dhaka, the homes for rent in Bashundhara are also very lavish; to give you the best experience you would want from luxury apartments in Dhaka! Happy home hunting!