A Safe Haven for Your Child: How to Make Your Apartment Baby-friendly

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April 5, 2016 Apartment Living

When you have a child at your home, it is important to take care special precautions so nothing happens to your loved one. Although during the initial stages after birth, you might not have considered about safety issues around the apartment, since your baby mostly stays in cribs or bed or strollers, you need to consider how fast babies grow up and baby-proof your apartment. You want your home to be the safest place for your baby, so try to make sure your apartment is designed and decorated in a way that is conducive to your child’s safety. Here are some ways you can childproof your home –

Keep floors and carpets clean:

As your baby starts to grow older, the first thing he/she does is learn to crawl on all fours. Remove hazardous stuff from the floor or carpet that could potentially hurt your baby. Also keep your apartment floors and carpets clean and dust-free, as babies can catch infection easily. It is best to remove carpeting as they accumulate dust easily. Make a habit of sweeping the floor with disinfectant for a healthy environment.

Keep sharp objects out of sight:

Babies are highly curious by nature- they have the habit of prodding here and there. While doing so, they can pick up a sharp object and hurt themselves, so make sure you don’t have sharp objects like knives or pencils lying around. Keep kitchen knives, spoons and other sharp objects on high platform to keep out of your children’s reach.

Cover electrical outlets and wires:

If your apartment has provision for electrical outlets on floor level, make sure they are covered or cannot be accessed by babies, while playing. Try to install outlets with sliding panels which cover the outlet when the plug is pulled out. If you have outlets you do not use, use duct tape to make them inaccessible. To hide electrical cables, you can use channels or use duct tape to seal them to the wall so your baby can’t reach them.

Shift your houseplants:

Babies tend to have a knack for things that are unsuitable for them. Try to feed them a bowl of cereal and you will need to do a lot of coaxing just to give them a spoonful, but as soon as they find anything lying around, they will grab a handful and put it in their mouth. To prevent your babies from doing similar things with dirt and mud from potted plants, rearrange them as hanging potted plants or display them on shelves.

Keep bathroom door and main door closed:

Bathrooms are one of the most hazardous places at your home right after your kitchen especially for your child. Your child can crawl over and start exploring all the non-baby friendly stuff stored there such as medicines, toilet bowl, chemicals and so on. So make sure to always keep your bathroom doors locked.

Apart from the bathroom, you also need to ensure that your main entrance door remains closed at all times. Do not leave the door unattended in a hurry as your baby may crawl over and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Also make sure the locks are childproof so your baby cannot easily open it.

When living in an apartment with a child, it might be not possible to childproof each and every aspect of it, but with smart thinking you can modify and make it secure so your baby grows up in a safe and secure environment.