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March 8, 2021 Real Estate Industry

making her mark, here are some gutsy women who have shown how it is done in the tough world of real estate. Srabanti Datta The story of Srabanti Datta, Director of ABC REAL ESTATES LIMITED, is one to inspire millions of women around the country who want to pursue a career in real estate. She attended Holy Cross School where she did well academically. After completing her BBA from IBA in 1999, she went on to pursue the prestigious BSBA degree in the University of Central Missouri. Upon returning to Bangladesh after completing her degree in Marketing and Legal Studies, she joined ABC REAL ESTATES LIMITED as the Head of Marketing in 2002. She is now the Director of the company. Aysha Siddiqua Since completing her Master’s in Marketing from Dhaka University in 1995, Aysha Siddiqua has built a commendable career in Marketing, especially in the real estate industry. She joined bti for the first time in 2007 as the GM of Marketing and Brand Management and again as the Executive Director of bti Brokerage in 2018. In 2019, she became the Executive Director of Communications & Brand Management of the company. Her contribution towards positioning bti as a premium brand in the market is widely recognized. Naheed Farzana After completing her higher secondary education from Viqarunnisa Noon School & College in 1993, Naheed Farzana got into BUET to study architecture because she found the subject to be an interesting blend of creativity and technology. She is an optimistic person who loves what she does and is persistent in nature. Since her graduation from BUET in 2001, she has worked on numerous successful projects, each of which she has enjoyed immensely. The renowned real estate company Sheltech is proud to have her as the current Head of Department, Architect Division. Sabrin Zinat Rahman Sabrin Zinat Rahman used to dream of becoming a doctor when she was attending Agrani Girls High School back in 1995. She wanted to help humanity with her healing skills. However, her parents dreamed of her becoming an architect and consequently, she chose to pursue architecture at BUET. She has worked with many renowned architects of the country and held important positions at many firms in the real estate industry. Currently, she is the Chief Architect of the Design Department at bti and has a fulfilling career helping humanity achieve better living environments. Rifat Nur Chowdhury Architect Rifat Nur Chowdhury went to school in Naogaon Govt. Girls High School. She completed her Bachelor of Architecture in 2011 from the University of Asia Pacific. In 2014, her merit got her into Assure Group as the Head Architect, a position she still holds proudly. Her exemplary managerial skills play a big role in her professional success. The career progressions of these ladies above and more unmentioned are inspiring examples of successful ladies in real estate. They have successfully shown that women can and have been equally successful at making their marks in the real estate industry. So, take notes and be inspired, ladies, and let these success stories fuel your passion!]]>