Making Your Home A High-Tech Haven

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August 2, 2018 Apartment Living

As Bangladesh embraces developments in technology from digital payments to ride hailing, forward thinkers will already be looking ahead to see how they can smoothly incorporate technology into their homes. There are a number of examples across the globe of home designers using tech to make life more organized, safer and more entertaining. Read on for inspiration to transform your living space.

Making life easier

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, there were plenty of home technology ideas to make life easier, from smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to smart fridges. It’s even possible to purchase a pet camera to monitor your companions while you’re away, a self watering planter to take care of your plants, or a smart light dimmer for changing your lighting from the comfort of your sofa. Technology is even making it easier to plan where best to put your furniture, with software for ‘instant staging’ so that you can see the right place for your coffee table, sometimes before you’ve even bought the property. Begin by working out your own priorities, to identify the key purchases which would be most useful to your lifestyle.


As the Bangladeshi media industry continues to grow – the number of TV channels doubles every 5 year at present – the desire for sleek home entertainment options increases. Design innovation such as curved TV screens, or Sony’s home cinema wireless sound bars are leading the way in tech-savvy, design-conscious households. As the infrastructure improves locally, so too will the downloading and streaming of content, so if it’s not quite as quick as you’d like it just yet, save your money and stay tuned for product launches that will make the difference.


Technology is also enabling better home security, so if you live alone or with children it is particularly worth building into your design plans. Innovations such as video doorbells and CCTV which you can view on your laptop while away on business can make a real difference to how safe you feel at home. There are also growing advances in facial recognition technology and app-based systems which will affect those living in gated communities too.

The ongoing advances in technology mean that there are many ways to make your home run more smoothly, with better entertainment and security options. While Bangladesh is still an emerging market for a lot of the newest gadgets, the industry moves fairly quickly, so it’s worth following consumer shows and blogs to keep up to date with local availability. In the very near future, your home can enjoy the technology you dream of.