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April 5, 2022 Investment Decision

Mirpur thana has been home to millions of people, and consequently, millions of dreams since its beginning in 1962. With drastic changes underway in Dhaka city, it is no surprise that Mirpur too is also undergoing a dramatic transformation. A large section of Dhaka’s population are moving to Mirpur due to these opportunities. The shift in population has opened the doors for further land development in Mirpur, driving up apartment sales and creating a bubble for leading real estate developers to make their mark here. bti has long recognized the potential of development here, and has already created large-scale gated communities and spacious apartments strewn around Mirpur to facilitate the city’s growing needs. Read below to find out more!

Background of Mirpur

Mirpur played an important role in the Liberation War in 1971. In fact, Mirpur thana was liberated much later, in 1972. The Sher-e-Bangla cricket stadium, National Zoo, Botanical Garden, Taka Museum, Benaroshi Polli, are just some of the most famous places to visit here. Featuring plenty of historical sites and recreational places, Mirpur was and still is an excellent location for families, with plenty of reputed academic institutions, medical facilities, banks, shopping malls, offices, restaurants, and other daily amenities in its store. As a result, a Mirpur resident need not go anywhere at all. Even if one has to, the transport system and connectivity to other areas gives Mirpur an extra point for convenience! Bounded by Mohammadpur to the south, Kafrul to the east, Pallabi to the north, and Savar to the west, Mirpur is at the heart of many residential and commercial activities that go on in Dhaka everyday.

background of Mirpur

Mirpur Today

Recently, Shah Ali, Pallabi and Kafrul thanas have been declared as an extension of Mirpur. Additionally, Mirpur DOHS area has allowed a connection between Mirpur, Cantonment, and Uttara. This new connection is further encouraged by the advent of the Metro Rail. Dhaka’s cityscape is all set to change thanks to the six MRT lines that will run across the city, one of which starts in Uttara, called MRT-6. The tracks progress through many important sectors of Mirpur, starting from Diabari and running beside Mirpur DOHS. The track enters Mirpur via Mirpur 12.

Mirpur Cant Public School

Special Mention: Mirpur 11

This area is undergoing an interesting development. Although, for a resident living here, the nearest MRT station is at Mirpur 12, a part of the tracks run through Mirpur 11. As a result, massive development is going on around this connection as well, alongside Mirpur 12 and Pallabi where the actual stations are. This connectivity is incredible, because it allows Mirpur 11 residents the great advantage to commute to Uttara and Cantonment seamlessly and reap the daily facilities available there. Some big academic names including Mirpur Cantonment Public School and College, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology, Pallabi Mohila Degree College, Mirpur Bangla HSC School, and Rupnagar Model School & College are within reach from Mirpur 11 as a result of the ongoing development in transport. This connection has also led to famous international chain restaurants and lifestyle brands to open branches here. 

The Mirpur Integrated Township Development undertaken by the National Housing Authority is a public real estate development going on that includes Mirpur sectors 9, 10 and 11. Another ongoing development is the Matikata-ECB Circle-DOHS road extension, which has helped greater Mirpur residents to reach Banani within minutes. bti Royal Pines and bti Cosmopolis from our Wellness Communities Collection are located here. Those living in Pallabi and Mirpur 12 can also make their way to Banani and Cantonment within minutes due to the Metro Rail.

bti Royal Pines

It is safe to say that Mirpur 11 will be changed forever due to the public-private partnership works going on here, and we at bti feel proud to be at the forefront of the development of Mirpur.

Special Mention: Mirpur 10

The next station is in Mirpur-5, and then at the famous Mirpur-10 bus stand. Note that Mirpur-10 will now have both an existing bus station and an MRT station, a benefit many commuters are willing to take. Mirpur 10 is a vibrant commercial hub, hosting a large number of shopping malls, the Mirpur stadium, and Benaroshi Polli. The commuters can easily reach Mirpur 1, Mirpur 2, Monipur, and Mirpur 13 from here. Those living in Pirerbag and Paikpara residential blocks will be able to commute very easily due to the MRT stations in Mirpur 10. Traveling along the Mirpur Road from Mirpur 10 station will easily get one to Scholastica, PSC Convention Hall, as well as Dhaka Dental College and Adamjee Cantonment College in Kafrul.

Mirpur Benaroshi Polli

More Connectivity

The next stops, which are in Kazipara and Shewrapara, will serve as both a bus stand and an MRT station. While the traditional sectors of Mirpur are well-planned and secured, Kazipara and Shewrapara used to be unplanned residential areas, but now that the Metro Rail stations are almost complete in construction, we can expect major land development and real estate activities here. Residents in Kazipara and Shewrapara can also travel to Agargaon and avail the services of the various public institutions there, namely the Passport Office, Computer City, National Science & Tech Museum, Liberation War Museum and more. The reason is that Agargaon is the next MRT station. In between these two areas there will be a new plethora of amenities in the future.

The famous 60 ft Road connects the nearby Kallyanpur straight to Mirpur-2. This recently constructed road paved the way for multiple residences to be built there, including bti Splendor Mansion & Welcome Home, which are large community-based gated living facilities. Thus, the development of Kallyanpur is also in full swing. What used to be an urban slum will now be turned into an eco-park. Kallyanpur is the gateway to Shyamoli and Gabtoli, the last point of Mirpur, and a bus terminal that allows one to depart to Savar or other districts in the country. If anyone in Mirpur wants to go to Uttara now, they need not travel by the Mirpur Beribadh next to the Turag river anymore. They can just use the Metro Rail!

bti Splendor Mansion

One might wonder why Mirpur has become a shining example of development. Lack of space within inner Dhaka, traffic congestion, pollution, and the recent shifting of urban population from Dhaka South to Dhaka North are just some of the reasons that led people to conclude that Mirpur is now one of the best places to invest in real estate, as it connects the North and South of Dhaka with unbeatable transport facilities. Another big reason is the digitization of land development tax and other land-related documents. Now, anyone can use the government hotline 16122 from the comfort of their home and fix land issues. Consequently it is much less hassle now to develop your land through a real estate developer. If you’re interested to be a part of the family, and become our esteemed joint venture customer, look no further. Call 16604 or Whatsapp: +8801313401405!