On-time Handover: Most Crucial Factor in Real Estate

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August 21, 2023 Investment Decision

In the ever-evolving canvas of Bangladesh’s real estate sector, one aspect stands out as an instrumental determinant of success for the developers – the on-time handover of properties to buyers. Not only the landowners but the property buyers also expect their homes to be delivered within schedule.

Timely delivery is not just a matter of meeting deadlines; it is rather a testament to professionalism, trust, and the promise of a brighter future for both developers and homebuyers.

As a landowner, this very factor of on-time handover is pretty crucial to you since this affects the return on investment you want to leverage from the project. Moreover, it reflects the reliability and credibility of the developer company who is constructing a project on your valuable land.

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Therefore, before signing an agreement with a real estate company, one must keep in mind that the earlier you start to utilize and monetize your project, the larger the sum of gain you will be able to secure. The earlier you start leveraging, the cumulative benefit will be greater. Apart from being able to live in your very own home, you get the satisfaction of being able to plan things for your property accordingly. On the other hand, a delayed handover will incur sizable cost to you financially, as you cannot start utilizing it when you were supposed to.

A common scenario in Bangladesh is that the landowners often get lured by the signing money the real estate company offers and end up signing agreements with companies that lack commitment and credibility. However, landowners should recognize that the allure of higher signing money pales in comparison to the benefits of on-time handover. Early property utilization leads to greater gains than delayed handover with more signing money. Timely usage unlocks revenue potential surpassing initial payments.

In addition, an on-time handover reflects the developer’s commitment to fulfilling promises, instilling confidence in their ability to execute projects with diligence. We can say that on-time handover is intimately related to the sincerity and integrity of the developer company which is also reflected in the construction and post-sales service. Because, if your developer company is maintaining diligence and sincerity, it will also be careful about the design, construction and after-sales support without any negligence. For the past 4 decades bti has been keeping promises with sincerity so much so, we have delivered homes on time or ahead of schedule to more than 7000 satisfied customers. No other developer could match this feat.

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Imagine the joy and relief you will experience when you step into your new abode right on schedule. On-time handover not only meets buyers’ expectations but also exceeds them, leaving them with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Conversely, delayed handovers can lead to frustration, financial stress, and legal hassles.

Unfortunately, it is observed that many real estate companies fail to handover the project within the schedule. They will promise you credibility during the agreement signing process. However, they will turn their back on you during the time of handover. As a responsible landowner you should join hands with a reputed real estate company who are well-known for their commitment, punctuality and transparency.

Renowned real estate companies of Bangladesh like bti, always prioritize on-time handover and maintain their commitments religiously. bti has a formidable reputation of handing over 95% out of 400 projects on-time which is nearly a milestone for any real estate company of our country. This very credential and glorious achievement has put bti in the real estate landscape.

There are occasions when a landowner fails to select the real estate company for joint venture development because of the lack of knowledge and gimmick-filled approaches from the real estate companies. Therefore, it is inevitable for the landowners to do a thorough research about the real estate companies before signing the agreement and choose the one that offers solid commitments and trustworthiness.