How to Organize Small Kitchens

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May 2, 2019 Apartment Living

How to Organize Small Kitchens

Not everyone has the luxury to own a kingdom-size kitchen, if your apartment has a small kitchen, organizing it can feel like a nightmare. However, do not let the small space scare you and stop you from taking control. A few simple renovation tricks can do wonders to make working in the kitchen fun. Here are a few ideas to help you organize your small kitchen while maximizing the use of small space.

Use open shelves

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Open wall shelves are a perfect match for small kitchens. They give you ample storage space to stack dishes, containers, jars or any other kitchen accessories. They are not as colossal as cabinets and give your kitchen a neater look. They are also easy to access and you can easily find what you are looking for. Paint the shelves in a color that ties with your overall kitchen interior décor.

Use the wall space

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Apart from investing in open shelves, you can also utilize the wall space in small kitchens. Place rails or hooks from where you can hang kitchen cutlery like pots and pans. However, make sure these add-ons are fixed and cannot be jolted during earthquakes so that your kitchen stays a safe place. You should also avoid hanging sharp objects that can easily injure you or anyone else.

Add vertical shelving units

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It is said that vertical storage solutions are optimal for small kitchens as they take up less floor area. You can add stowaway shelves or racks in kitchen corners to store various kitchen accessories like jars, dishes, utensils, and so on. They are readily available in many local shops in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your taste.

Store things close to where you use them

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This is a very handy kitchen organizing tip as it makes finding things a lot easier in a small kitchen. For instance, place jars of condiments, utensils, etc. closer to the cooking stove, or place dish racks closer to the kitchen sink. This will make you more efficient while doing your kitchen work. Similarly, store things you do not use that frequently on the top shelves or back drawers.

Another easy kitchen organizing tip is to keep similar things in the same place. For example, do not store spoons and forks in two different drawers or zones; store them in one place which is easily accessible.

Keep only the essentials on the countertop

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Since you have limited space in a small kitchen, you might be inclined to store everything on your kitchen countertop but it can make your kitchen look extremely cluttered. So keep only the essentials and always keep it clean after cooking so that it stays shiny. To add a homely vibe, add a pot of fresh herbs or a vase with freshly-cut flowers.

Organizing a small kitchen can feel intimidating at first but if you start with baby steps like cleaning the kitchen and purging old utensils and unused containers, you will find it is not that hard. You can also consult bti interior solutions to learn insightful tips on how to better organize a small kitchen.