Which Orientation is Better for Your Apartment?

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June 5, 2017 Apartment Living

When you are buying an apartment in Bangladesh, there are many important factors to consider such as apartment size, location, apartment price, quality of construction, reputation of developer company etc. These are the foremost questions that spring to a prospective apartment buyer’s mind. But as a first-time home buyer, you also need to be aware of the orientation of your apartment.

Many real estate developer companies in Bangladesh will advertise south facing apartment, northwest corner plot location etc in their list of apartment features but what does it mean to you and how will the orientation of your home impact your life? Here is a list of attributes of the different types of apartment orientation.

North-facing apartment

If your apartment is north-facing, then all of your apartment rooms will have indirect sunlight throughout the day and direct light for a portion of the day which means you will have a well-illuminated apartment. Since the sun is indirect, it also means your apartment will have a moderate temperature for comfortable living.

Another advantage of north-facing apartment is that since your apartment exterior will not receive direct sunlight excessively, it will make the paint last longer and retain the aesthetics.

South-facing apartment

A south-facing apartment is another of the popular choices, when it comes to choosing orientation of your apartment. This is because in Bangladesh south orientation of your home means it gets constant cross breezes and has a comfortable interior with ample light and ventilation. This is especially beneficial during summer days when temperatures can get very high. Your apartment interiors will have cool temperature and it will save your electricity bill. A good architectural design will ensure most of your apartment’s bedrooms, common spaces are south-oriented.

East-facing apartment

The advantage of an east-facing apartment is that it receives maximum direct sunlight throughout the day. The downside is that the front side of your apartment can get unbearably hot during summer. This is particularly irritating if your apartment floor plan consists of bedrooms on the front side which means you will be rudely awaked by the sun rising in the east, accompanied by flushing during summer mornings. However, east-facing apartment can provide you with the much required warmth during cold winter days.

West-facing apartment

West facing apartment is best to avoid unless you have a good architect who can make it work for you. It will receive direct sunlight during the afternoon and can get unbearably hot during summer. The only advantage of west-facing apartment is that if you live on top floor apartment with open sky views you can catch stunning sunset views from your balcony.

Since buying an apartment is a once in a lifetime investment for many, you should pay careful attention to each and every detail including the orientation of building, apartment layout, architectural design etc to make sure your home is comfortable.

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