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Investing in Real Estate With bti
May 24, 2021 Investment Decision

Whether it is a piece of land or a developed property, all real estate investments carry intrinsic monetary value which is passed on through generations. This means that as populations increase, more housing is necessary, which also catapults investments from customers and real estate companies. In fact, this is how Dubai transcended to international fame. Its real estate found innovative ways to satisfy and attract customers from all over the world, making it one of the most desirable places to live in the world. Bangladesh can also follow suit, given its large customer base and growing population, with bti at the forefront of this development.

Why bti? 

You should invest in real estate because it provides a basic need and has something for everyone. As a top real estate company bti certainly caters to that, making homeownership a joyful experience for all customers regardless of background and economic status. There are several Luxury projects in desirable locations across Dhaka and Chattogram perfect for those craving a lavish lifestyle. We also have excellent Commercial projects for businesspersons willing to expand their business in the country. Our Classic Collection is famous for providing standard homes in great locations. bti also launched Wellness Communities for those who are interested to get a wide range of wellness features along with a home. Being the leading real estate company, bti has been a pioneer in building the nation’s economy. Decades of experience and certified excellence in design and construction has made bti a brand with a formidable reputation. Of course, till date bti remains unbeatable with customer service and on-time handover of projects. All these factors have solidified the customer’s trust on bti. Therefore, if you are looking to invest, we assure you that you will not need to look further. 

Challenges of Investing in Real Estate

When customers want to buy property, many thoughts occur in their minds. First and foremost is price, which depends on a wide range of factors. Before buying, selling, or renting property it is best to make an informed decision based on these factors.

  1. One such factor is location, which can be a blessing and a challenge. For a business to do well, the commercial space has to be well-connected to other business and transport facilities should be adequate. If you are someone with a family, you would want to live in a community that serves all your needs at close proximity. Luckily, bti offers well-designed spaces in excellent locations.
  2. Another important aspect is timing. Like any other industry, real estate has its ups and downs. Check whether the real estate industry and other associated industries are facing a turmoil. Find out interest rates on home loans because these tend to decrease or increase depending on the timing. Government rules and urban planning decisions can also affect the real estate market. Recently, the Bangladesh Government has announced that land taxes can now be paid online in simple steps. This has allowed a wide range of customers to deal with properties without any hassle.
  3. Customers often wonder whether the return on investment would be greater than the investment itself. For this reason, many people simply buy commercial or residential spaces and then rent them. bti is well-known for its joint venture partnership with landowners. We treat landowners like our business partners and provide them with residential and commercial spaces that will have a higher ROI thanks to our design excellence, construction quality, and brand value. 
  4. There are many fraud companies out there waiting to seal the deal with your hard-earned money and then disappear. Before making any final deal, make sure you trust the company. With around four decades of experience, high credit ratings, certifications, accreditations, and being one of the founders of REHAB, bti has established itself as a brand you can rely on.

Other Options

Putting your hard-earned money to good use is crucial since real estate investment is long-term and you want your money to play out well as long as possible. How you want to develop your land is therefore, also a factor and challenge. For example, it could be that you want to build a farmhouse, a duplex home, or a resort instead of just a commercial or residential building. To cater to such demand, bti has a separate business unit called Square Feet Story. Their expert architects, interior designers, landscapers, 3D visualizers, and other teams can help transform your space into your desired outcome, considering all aspects of aesthetics, functionality, and the environment.

Investing in real estate might have been risky in the past, but thanks to incentives provided by the government and a refreshing scenario in the real estate industry, customers now feel more secure to invest their money. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the real estate sector was able to bounce back. The nation’s economy also simultaneously leaped forward, surpassing our neighboring countries. As a part of building the economy, bti feels proud with its contribution and is happy to serve its customers along the way.