A Palatial Home: A New Era of Grandeur in the Real Estate Industry of Bangladesh

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March 14, 2020 Apartment Living


Bangladesh as we know is a small and overpopulated country which seldom offers sufficient space for one to breathe. A little bit of land to call your own in a densely populated city is a precious achievement. If we go back in time, the condition of life of people was different than it is now- the homes that sheltered them had been larger. People utilized their lands to build houses that went up to 2 or 3 storeys at max. With time, our houses shrank; we expanded vertically- leading to smaller homes.

However, as whimsical as it sounds, people have been yearning for more space- in their homes and around. The monotonous life of the 21st Century makes one to seek style and freedom within the four walls. Even in the most luxurious homes, one can easily afford the space, but the resources to do so are unavailable. In the real state sector now, space defines luxury. We dream of a well decorated expanse of freedom in the place we call home. So do our dreams remain unfulfilled?


A New Dimension

What are the things that the word “luxury” reminds you of?  Money, precious stones, expensive cars, diamonds? How about luxury homes? We surely imagine a grand home with plush décor and incredible amenities. But here’s the catch. Grandeur is not limited to a fancy show of wealth. It is reflected in the space to showcase your taste, space to experience the rare feeling of royalty. The reason why I am continuously emphasizing on the importance of space is that land is a very rare resource when it comes to housing. Why would anyone want to build a palatial home when he or she can utilize that land to make 3 units?

This is where luxury living gets a novel dimension. This rare experience is slowly being offered by the top rated real estate companies. It is as though a fresh transformation is occurring which is revolutionizing the housing experience in the country. bti, being one of the leading real estate company in Bangladesh is also setting a new trend by introducing this modern dimension in luxury homes.


A Lifestyle of Dreams

Gulshan, being the prestigious location that is, holds a special place in the map of Dhaka. One could say that it is the jewel in the crown that is this city. As the real estate developers rush to accommodate as many people as they can in every space, to think that you can have a piece of Gulshan in the most luxurious and grandest of manners sounds unbelievable, does it not? Here is where bti comes in to offer you an exclusive lifestyle. Beyond the quintessential idea of luxury, it takes you into a home where you can luxuriously sprawl and enjoy every moment- it takes you into bti’s latest Platinum Collection Project, THREE.

To begin with, THREE is situated near the soft tranquility of Gulshan Lake, so when you are taking a dip in the longest infinity pool, it will be as though you are one with the lake. To live in a home that overlooks the lake in a city where there is seldom any moment to rest and lull, is a luxury. Moreover, right after you pass by the corporate hubs of Gulshan 2, you enter North Gulshan full of the most coveted residences and other facilities. But let’s move on to what makes this luxury apartment truly unique- 7000+ sft of a world to enfold yourself in, a rare sense of freedom in Dhaka. Plant on table and lamp in warm living room with yellow curtains, posters and pillows on sofa


7000+ sft, no exaggeration!

It is not just a home, it is a palace! With single residential units in each floor that span beyond 7000 sft, you can imagine what a majestic affair it is. When you enter through the foyer, at a glance you will see that the exquisite marble floor stretches as far as your eyes can see. The palatial rooms reflect what the project promises- Space. Style. Freedom.


Imagine sitting in an ornate living room that is embellished with an awe-inspiring amount of space. Undoubtedly this will make anyone feel like they are indulged in interactions in the hall of a palace. What about a plush bedroom that relaxes you to your core in its irresistible spaciousness? THREE, through its 7000+ sft of vastness brings about a feeling of regality in the most intimate ways.

The master stroke of the architect is enhanced by such grandeur of space where air and light play a magical game. A walk across the florid area of your apartment would feel like a glide of freedom.

An Enchanting Merging of Inspiration and Technology

Surely you cannot wait to waltz around in your little heaven at THREE, but wait till you hear more! As much as THREE graces North Gulshan with its soaring grandeur, it takes luxury homes to a new level through its contemporary amenities. The ambience receives a new dimension with the advanced technology that makes your life more comfortable. Why stop at getting yourself a palace? Gift yourself an unrivaled modern palace. And when I say modern, I mean a home with the best assorted technology. Want to know about them? Stay tuned for the updates on this luxury smart home by bti!