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July 5, 2020 Investment Decision

A prime location in Chittagong

We are all looking to settle down at convenient and prominent locations. If that person is a resident of Chittagong, they are well aware that the best place to look for apartments in Chittagong is Panchlaish. The demand for housing in Chittagong has competed with Dhaka in a very close range for a while now. Homes, both modern and comfortable, are available to those who seek them out in Panchlaish.

Sure there are a lot of other areas that are just as suited for everyone to live in here. However, there are a few reasons we would like to present for you to choose a home in Panchlaish, a prime location in Chittagong.

The essentials are right around the corner

Let’s start with the basics. When buying a home one of our first requirements are the conveniences available nearby. Panchalish is surrounded by some of the best educational institutes in the city; Presidency International School, Little Jewels School, Chittagong Medical College, etc are within our reach. There are reputed medical facilities nearby for any kind of emergency. Surgiscope Hospital, People’s Hospital Ltd, Chittagong Medical College and Hospital are known for their good medical services, so anyone looking for apartments for sale in this particular location can rest easy when it comes to the safety of their loved ones.

Say goodbye to monotony and boredom

To stay healthy, good medical services aren’t enough, we also need recreational spaces. The ones in the vicinity of the Panchalish area not only provide open spaces but also a welcome break from the bustle of the city. There is a United Nations Park which has a natural setting and is best for early morning strolls. There is an exercise zone and a swimming pool for the more fitness cautious residents of the area. And just a short drive away is the ShibMondir Pond where you can just sit and bask in its serenity.

There’s a lot of delectable food nearby

How about we take a look at activities we can do with our friends and families now? There are famous dining hubs that cater to a range of cuisines, be it Indian, Continental, or their more popular local counterparts, Mezbani food. Just a few minutes away from home are restaurants like Mezzan Haile Ayyun, Bugerita, Perigee, The Arosto, and Senang Bowl to name a few. There are shopping outlets like the Mimi Super Market, Afmi Plaza, Finlay Square, to find just about anything from clothes to daily necessities. Speaking of necessities, Agora and Meena Bazar are there to cater to your grocery needs. From daily necessities to just taking a break with family and friends, everything is within reach at Panchlaish.

Access to other parts of the city will never be a problem

Panchalish is very accessible as well. No more commute problems due to not owning a car because local transportation is always available here. Chatteswari Road, Chawkbazar, and Muradpur Bus stops provide easy access to other parts of the city. All these reasons and more make Panchlaish a prime location in Chittagong to own a home in. As a real estate investment, it is smart a decision as the property value is sure to appreciate over time due to it being a well-developed area. An additional benefit is the sense of prestigious ownership that comes from settling down in such an area with a high standard of life.

A few suggestions:

When looking to buy an apartment anywhere, listing the advantages of the location is a great way to avoid buyer’s remorse. There are some amazing btihomes available nearby that could be your possible dream home. Take for example The Orient, a 1973sft spacious 3 bedroom home that is the perfect choice for a family. Similarly, New Haven an apartment that spans from 1757sft to 1984sft with different sizes and plans to accommodate the different choices of each family. Grand Nawab also stands tall in Panchlaish. These 3 bedroom apartments sprawl over 1959-1995sft, and much like the the previously mentioned homes, is surrounded by the host of amenities we have talked about.