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Bashundhara Residential Area
December 21, 2017 Investment Decision

If you ask anyone what is the one thing he would like to have most in his life, the answer wouldn’t be a long list of things but only a few. Most people have very few demands in life. 2018 nike air max Everyone is looking for peace of mind, comfortable lifestyle, health and happiness of loved ones. To find that elusive peace of mind amidst a hectic life in the city, it is essential to have a piece of world that is just yours and yours alone and that starts with owning a home. Over the recent years, Bashundhara has become a high sought-out location for prospective homebuyers as the area offers both the serenity of living in a residential area as well as the convenience of living close to amenities.

A serene sanctuary

Although most of the Dhaka city has become a congested place, Bashundhara still retains greenery and openness allowing you to breathe fresh air. nike roshe run When you come back to your home in Bashundhara, you can relax in a tranquil area away from the worldly chaos of daily life. adidas zx flux pas cher site You can also take a stroll in block K, J and I to rejuvenate yourself in the greenery along with your loved ones.


Easy connectivity

When you buy a flat in Bashundhara, apart from the serenity, you can easily access other parts of the city. Being very close to Gulshan and Banani, it will take only a few minutes to commute and enjoy all the facilities in those upscale areas. It is also near to Nikunja, Uttara, Progoti Shoroni and so on. The Kuril Flyover also makes it easy to travel to other city parts like Mirpur without facing huge traffic obstacle.

Enhanced security

Being a prestigious residential area of Dhaka city, you will see uniformed security personnel and check-posts in Bashundhara for enhanced security. So you can live in your home and also roam around freely without being worried about your security.

Comfortable lifestyle

Having a home in this area is sure to indulge you in a comfortable lifestyle. Most of the flats for sale in Bashundhara are spacious ranging from 1500sqft to over 2000sqft with 2 to 3 bedrooms. Many reputed developer companies have several projects here and they offer a plethora of luxury features like imported fittings, rooftop garden, BBQ area etc for a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. Being in close proximity to several daily amenities like super shops, bus stops etc, living here is truly effortless.

A plethora of amenities


It is very common for you as parents to worry if your preferred location has reputed schools or not. Which parent does not want their kids to have a bright future with good education? Bashundhara has a number of well reputed schools, colleges and universities to put your parental worries to rest. Institutions like North South University, Independent University of Bangladesh, reputed schools like ISD, Hurdco International School can be all found here.

Medical facilities

Whether you have elderly parents living with you or not, medical emergency situations can arise anytime, which is why when you buy a flat in Bashundhara you can give your loved ones the best medical care from Apollo, Bashundhara Eye Hospital, etc which are just within the vicinity of your neighborhood.


Living in Bashundhara, you will have plenty of scope to socialize and indulge in a life filled with entertainment. The development of Jamuna Future Park has made Bashundhara a truly enriched neighborhood with lots of recreation. For instance, want to take your kids to an amusement park on a weekend? You can visit the Jamuna Future Park. ugg boots pas cher Want to check out the latest Hollywood releases? You can also do that at Jamuna Future Park.


300ft Road

This 300ft road connects Bashundhara to the upcoming planned town of Purbachal. It is a recent attraction for many Dhaka dwellers who come here to enjoy the openness and scenic beauty, both a rarity in the congested Dhaka city. If you love long drives, you can easily visit here and take in the sights and scenery of the surroundings. If you are a nature lover, you can visit here during the sunset or wintry mornings to enjoy the spectacular views.

Smart investment destination

Bashundhara area covers a huge expanse of land and there is definitely scope of future developments as the central Dhaka city gets more populated day by day. Moreover, with the prospective development of Purbachal, Bashundhara promises to be a booming location for real estate in the near future which makes buying a flat here a sound investment decision.

With so many perks of living in Bashundhara, it can surely prove to be the perfect location for your dream home where you can have your happily ever after.