Our Property: Not a Burden, but a Treasure

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June 14, 2020 Apartment Living

It is a very common scenario in the country where families have properties left unused for years. It mostly happens because either the families do not know how to properly utilize it, maintain it or lack the proper capacity or tools to do so. Many a times people fear handing it over to an external source because they cannot seem to trust them enough. A land or a property in Dhaka is not only a valuable and scarce resource, but it also is a great asset that can be turned into a golden egg laying duck if we invest in it sensibly. Considering our present condition, it is extremely necessary that we make well calculated investments so that we can tactfully overcome the unpredictable future. That being said, we often wonder how we can make the best use of our resources, and right now, making the proper utilization of our properties could be the lucky rub on a magic lamp! Let us dive into how we can do that and whom should we take help from.

Not Giving up, but Treasuring it..

Contrary to the misconception, when we give our land to a developer, we don’t ‘give it up’, rather we make a great deal with the developer who, with their tools and resources make a better deal of it while we sit back in the sweet anticipation of a new home. A joint venture would mean that not only is our property is revamping to its best value, but also ensures a great Return of Investment that will benefit us in years to come.

It is not uncommon to see parents whose children all live away or abroad, worried about their family’s property. Often the parents lack the capacity to maintain large properties, which brings in attention from frauds and such. Sometimes they do not want to sell the property for sentimental ties, and are not capable to make a use out of it. In such a case, a joint venture would ensure that the land keeps its sentimental value intact, and also enhances it by making a home in it. It also gives our lonely parents a community to live with, which is indeed very sweet!

Desperate Times Require Sensible Decisions

We may feel that right now it may not be right time to make such an investment decision. Times are unpredictable, we may not even wake up to see tomorrow. Which is why it is so much more important to make the best use of our unutilized property right away! Because if we do overcome this situation, an investment as such would benefit us greatly in the future And if unfortunately we lose the fight, a joint venture with a reliable developer would ensure our family is taken care of even in our absence. Therefore instead of worrying, let’s save our energy to do some fruitful research!

Consider a Developer’s Strengths over Sweet Words

When it comes to real estate developers, we have to be wise while making a decision. It is natural for many to jump in on the deal and deceive us with sweet words. So we must consider a developer’s strength before making a decision. What we should look out for are:

  • Reputation
  • Referrals
  • Return of Investment
  • Construction Quality
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Commitment

Make sure to tick away all these criteria before choosing the right developer!

The Pool is Smaller, but of Quality

Our current situation has eliminated weak businesses out of the market, so we have a refined selection of developers available at the moment. Therefore, this limited pool allows us to choose the best of the best! One developer that meets all the above criteria is bti, who not only is one of the most reputed in the industry but has been leading the industry for almost 4 decades. Almost 50% of its projects are reference based, so it is a trustworthy source we can depend on with our land. Moreover, bti has most of its projects situated in exclusive areas, such as Address in Gulshan 1. The exclusiveness of these homes is what ensures great Return of Investment. On top of that, the quality construction and functional design blend together to make homes that meets all your desires, and also fulfills all the safety criteria!

In such trying times, we want to trust the one that will keep the commitment it makes. bti constantly has around 60-70 projects going on at a time, so it is a very stable and capable developer to rely on. To top it off, the on time handover is a promise they keep, which their 5000+ happy customers can vouch for! So it is time we dig the hidden treasure that is our property and secure a lifetime of benefits!

bti, in that case, has been leading the industry for almost 4 decades, and its strengths as a developer is what could make it a fine choice.