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March 10, 2021 Real Estate Industry

st century. Now Facebook, YouTube, websites, mass-mail and other platforms are widely used for real estate ads. Crafting an ad to grab the target customers’ interest and drive them to action is now of greater importance than ever before. In the following sections, we will explore how real estate advertising has changed over time. How Real Estate Ads Evolved in the ’80s In the 1980s real estate agencies had to compete to sell property through newspaper ads. As such, ad budgets increased for the companies. Magazines with 2 or 3 columns of writing on real estate used to receive feedback from the buyers of properties. In the ‘80s there was just one type of agent representing the sellers. But later two types of representatives were found- representatives from the sellers and the buyers; consequently, advertising gained greater importance from both ends. How Real Estate Ads Appeared in the ’90s In the 1990s real estate companies would publish booklets in black & white. The photo would have the designer’s name inset. Houses didn’t have any mention of SQFT, but the sale price was mentioned. Photos of the home or apartment with floor plan pictures were then hand-drawn. Descriptions were flowery, as long as several columns, and calligraphic. These photos of homes gradually came in coloured versions as they were painted to dazzle the customers. In the modern digital age, such old ads are found online with audio sections that read the full magazine descriptions of homes. The Impact of the Advent of the Internet: With the advent of the internet in the 21st century, things changed dramatically. Though advertisements had been getting streamed on television, with internet facility ads mostly went online instead of going in print. Across the country, companies and agents rushed online; they started making e-brochures and sending them through e-mails to highlight their properties. Big aggregators plunged into the multi-billion dollar marketplace and created giant market-friendly websites to sell leads to the agents. For free promotions came the new trend of advertising through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Now, a well-crafted message can easily reach the target audience or prospective customers. Print Advertising Retains Its Popular Appeal: Print advertising in magazines has not lost its visual appeal yet. It is tough for many people to understand listings online. So, print is still considered very important in brand building; it is seen in newspapers, magazines, billboards, bus shelters and in many other forms. Real Estate Ad Scenario in Bangladesh: After the liberation of Bangladesh, real estate has emerged as a potential sector of economic growth and industrialization in this land. Great interest has been seen within the general public, businessmen and stakeholders for this sector. So advertisement for real estate has got importance here. Brand building through ads has become a practice for the growth of real estate business in Bangladesh. New strategies Real State Ads Are Adopting: Facebook ads are a powerful way to take a company to the doorstep of the relevant audience or target customers. Through Facebook a company can put an ad with more specifications to reach the target customers based on their interests. Emojis and Capitals are used for static ads to entice the customers.  Tabs like- Learn More, Book Now, Like Page, Visit Instagram,  Interested ?, Follow Us, Shop Now, Send Message, Just Listed, etc. are being used for social campaigns. Dynamic ads in Carousel format show off listings that are easy to read. A carousel may contain details like price, location and the number of bedrooms. Now companies spend money for boosting their project ads, and the ads get sponsored. Examples of Real Estate Advertising Strategies to Elicit Leads:

  • – Facebook Live tour (360  degrees virtual tours), Aerial view of properties using drone
  • – Advertising software/apps, High-end AV with cinematic value, GIF, CG, ‘Your Story’ friendly short slideshows
  • – Educational Events/ Webinars on property investment, Community Meet event
  • – Advertisement with information- Charity partnership, Checklists with recommendations, Sketch of blueprint/floor plan/sft/layouts of homes, Time sensitive promotions with copies & CTA, Motivational slogans taking a different perspective, Agent’s name and phone number, Mention of price range & property updates, Links to explore more
  • – Advertisement with offer & invitation- Limited time offer, Free home valuation for sellers, Free report on property value, Occasion discount, Home Design Consultancy
  • – Advertisements featuring low-budget homes (focusing customer’s locality), and Different visual appeal.
The Blessing of the Changes in Real Estate Advertising: Real estate companies and agents are putting ads mostly on digital and online media featuring properties with innovative solutions that grab the customers’ attention and make them contact immediately. These improvisations boost their sales and help them stand out in the competitive real estate market. This positive competition is the blessing of the changes real estate advertisement has come through in the last few decades.]]>