Six Simple Ways to Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

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Simple Ways to Add Luxury to Your Bathroom
May 30, 2021 Apartment Living

Whenever we think of revamping our home interiors, we always tend to decorate every space, giving the bathrooms little attention at the end. Since bathrooms cover a small portion of the home we remain negligent about it, but some degree of effort is actually needed to give the spaces your desired makeover. This means it can also be cost-effective. A nice Pinterest-like makeover can go a long way! In fact, here are some nifty and affordable tips for you which can help you achieve an elegant and luxurious bathroom in no time.


Play With The Lights

Just a bright white light will not do when it comes to luxurious appearances. Experiment with various kinds of light. Splurge on scented candles, sconces, dimming lights, small lamps, and even LED lights will do in some corners. Use vanity mirrors, which have become more popular now. Motion sensors would be of immense help here. As you enter the bathroom the dimming lights may turn on or other brighter lights can turn on depending on your choice. Get Smart by bti offers motion sensors which will help add some luxury to the bathroom. 


Bring In Fluff

From your loofahs to towels and rugs in the bathroom, everything should have some form of color-coordination and match in terms of fluffiness. In fact, the fluffier, the better. Neutral colors, pastel shades, whites, and monochromatic colors add more of a luxurious appeal. Use fluffy towels and soft bath rugs while creating the look.


Use Scents And Fragrances

When a bathroom smells good it automatically lifts the mood of the person entering it. Scented candles hanging around is a great idea, but diffusers and potpourri are also highly recommended. Keep essential oils and other fragrances ready for a warm and relaxing bubble bath.


Swap Fittings

You can totally change the look of your bathroom by replacing the fittings with more stylish ones. Showerheads, taps, towel rings, and other accessories can be considered for change. Although this is a more expensive method to add a luxurious vibe, there is no harm in trying!


Add Decor Items

Bathrooms can also be a space where you can display your personality and creativity. If you have the space, you might as well flaunt it with some art and greenery. Cover a large part of the wall with your favorite artwork, or alternatively you can create a gallery wall. You can also place racks and trays for books or small potted plants in the extra spaces of your bathroom. Plants really add color and drama to the overall look. Generally, bathrooms are more humid, and if there is a large window which lets sunlight in, your plants will remain healthy.


Ensure Elegant Storage

What is a luxurious bathroom without neutral colored countertops and cabinets? Use white bath linens for a five-star hotel bathroom appearance. Warm grey is also on the trend. They make the bathroom storage appear elegant and serene. It also goes great with the shiny fittings. For a spa-inspired look, you better experiment with brighter colors such as aquamarine or baby pink. Based on lighting and color you should design your storage. Tiled shower areas, countertops, and storages are more expensive to handle but worth a shot!

While these DIY tips are very helpful, you can also ask the experts from bti’s Square Feet Story who will help your bathrooms look marvelous and express your personality. The interior design team will surely look after your requirements.