5 Amazing Decorating Ideas for Your Small Balcony

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March 5, 2016 Apartment Living

A balcony is often the most neglected room in your apartment. I can understand that with all the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and so many other forms of entertainment available for distraction, who has the time to take care of a space in your home that hardly anyone ever uses?

If you however, possess an outdoor soul, and do not have the luxury of an open view lawn or rooftop, you can get a piece of outdoor in your home, with these creative balcony decorating ideas.

1) Add what you love

Incorporating what you love is a great way to make decorating your balcony a fun project instead of turning it into a chore. For example, if you love plants, showing off your favorite flowers is one of the simplest decorating ideas for small balcony. For paint lovers you can be creative with the planters and add your personal touch.

2) Keep it simple

When you are already working with small space, it is imperative to keep in mind on how to decorate a balcony by maximizing your available space. Do not cramp your tiny balcony with gigantic potteries or cumbersome furniture. For keeping it clean and tidy, I would recommend having a single chair with a small matching table. You can easily avail the outdoor furniture from your nearby local store. You will find furniture of diverse colors and design for decorating a small balcony within a limited budget. They also come with the added benefit of being easily cleaned, especially during rain or winter, when mud or dust accumulates.

Alternatively, if you have an expendable budget, you can go for more luxurious furniture set of rattan or other custom made ones from home n décor for giving your balcony a more sophisticated look.

3) Go green

Adding a nursery is perhaps one of the classic tips for decorating a balcony. Bring nature into your balcony with potted plants from your local nursery. They have a plethora of collection to offer- from roses to jasmine to nightqueen, the choices are endless. Of the local flowers, the Bougainvilleas are a great hit and they are available in a variety of colors, from white for the plain minds to bright fuchsia for the bolds.

However, if you do not have a green thumb and just want to add some greenery, you cannot go wrong with cacti- they do not require daily watering and there are even flowering cacti available to add a touch of color while at the same time being low maintenance.

4) Add a swing

This is my personal favorite tip for balcony decoration ideas. If you have an inner child like I do, you will absolutely love it too. Otherwise, it also makes a great addition if you have kids. Since we are already working with tiny space, I would suggest getting a swing that covers 1/4th of your balcony. I personally have a thing for wrought iron swings, since I think wrought iron is a great fusion of vintage and classy and who can deny the universal appeal of black? You can also opt for stainless steel ones available at local furniture store.

An alternative to adding a swing is hanging a bamboo egg chair. Enhance it with vibrant pillows and voila- you have a cozy setting where you can spend an afternoon curled up with a book!

5) Add a lighting fixture

Most of the times lighting fixture in balconies are overlooked. Once the light that was first installed in your balcony has expired, people hardly ever bother to change it. But adding a lighting fixture is actually one of the easiest balcony decorating ideas that will greatly impact the interior of your balcony. I personally love the dimmed light effect- I think they are very effective in creating a tranquil ambience that will put you in a trance with their soft glow-whether soft yellow, green or blue, whichever suits your taste.

I hope these tips for decorating a small balcony will give you creative inspiration to transform your balcony into a place where you can sit back and relax.