Smart Homes to Elevate Comforts and Convenience

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Smart Homes to Elevate Comforts and Convenience
October 3, 2018 Apartment Living

One of the biggest commissions of smart home building was recently awarded to a Bangladesh firm, DataSoft. The project is to build 10,000 smart homes in Tokyo, in time for the 2020 Olympics. For Bangladeshis, this means that world-class technology is right at their fingertips, bringing the home of the future right to their doorstep. 

Tech Brings Affordable Living to the Working Class

One of the fundamental reasons for leaning towards smart homes is that they provide access to cheaper utilities. A smart home incorporates design aspects such as solar energy, efficient appliances, and even faucets that put less strain on water resources. These units are designed to make the best use of natural lighting and air circulation. Although technology plays a big role throughout a smart home, the actual design of the property itself is fundamental for maximum benefit. For the occupant, this means lower utility bills and access to greater comforts.

Simple and Efficient to Manage

Maximum efficiency is the cornerstone of every smart home design, from the drapes through to the oven. In a smart home, it is not unusual to see the occupants using their smart device to change the thermostat or open up the drapes. This is because all the electronics are connected to the Internet of Things. This means that lighting, temperature control, and even the opening and closing of the drapes can be controlled remotely. The Internet of Things connects all these items and manages it through the cloud. The apartment can be linked up to a number of smart devices and the access to each device is controlled for maximum efficiency and safety.

Easier to Go Green with a Smart Home

When a home is designed to have maximum efficiency and a reduced reliance on utilities, it affects the environment too. As a result, green smart homes will undoubtedly have an effect on the environment in a positive way. For Bangladeshis, this means lowering our part of the 400 parts per million atmospheric carbon and making a change to the environment, one home at a time. 

Smart homes tick all the right boxes and for Bangladeshis, the possibility of owning or a property like this, where everything can be controlled remotely is becoming more than just a dream. The technology and expertise are already in the country, it is now simply a matter of putting it all together.