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Three - bti
March 28, 2020 Apartment Living

In 2020, how long can you go without using a single bit of technology? Even a few hours would seem intolerable without using your phone, and a day without taking help of any gadget is probably unimaginable for many. In this new decade that promises us great leaps in the field of technology, your home should not be left behind!

Smart Homes: A Brilliant Turn in Luxury Line

In a smart home, you will have a connection of different devices, appliances, hardware and other electrical systems that helps you control your household activities and features. To do so, you will not need to be physically present in the house- your entire home will be under your control even from far away via the Internet. This comes with a plethora of benefits that make your life easier and gives your home a lavish feel. You can experience unparalleled luxury in the most upscale manner by the grace of technology. In Bangladesh, the recent years have seen a rise in smart homes, and bti, keeping up with the ever-changing needs of its customers, has stepped up to provide a high-end smart home- THREE.

THREE- A Palatial Home Overlooking the Gulshan Lake

If you’ve followed up on our previous blog on THREE, then you must know what a luxurious affair it is of grandeur. In case you haven’t, let me give you a recap! THREE is a magnificent, 7000+ sft palatial home that is an exceptional addition to bti’s Luxury+ Line in North Gulshan. Not only do you get to live in a spacious home, luxury is served to you through the longest infinity pool, where you can feel rejuvenated as you look out at the lake. The grandeur of it definitely lies in the space, where you feel freedom in every moment. In a stylish manner everything comes together in THREE– a palatial experience with lavish smart features.

An Alleviated Life of Ease and Convenience

From moving the curtain of your room with the help of a remote control to voice activated control of your home, THREE reduces much hassle of your daily life. You can set your curtains to open up at a certain time even, so open your eyes to a bright bedroom radiating joy and warmth. You will not have to rummage through your bag for the keys after a tiring day as you can simply have fingerprint access to your home. You control your appliances, the lights, the temperature and more, which will be of great convenience to your lifestyle.  If you are a busy person with a packed schedule all day, this technologically advanced home will help you take better care of your household in the meantime. One example could be how the sprinklers set off at a particular time, so don’t worry about watering your planters, THREE will do it for you! It makes your life easier and more comfortable, without any doubt!

Stylish and Secure: Safety in Every Corner

The splendor of THREE takes a new leap with the maximum security it is committed towards. From the entrance where security is ensured through card punch system and automated bar, lavish smartness is present everywhere. Drive into THREE’s parking with the swipe of a card. As you walk in to the lobby, it welcomes you in its splendor with just the swipe of a card. Of course you may have a surprise visit from a friend, so to avoid any trouble, the intercom service will give you live visual access to see who has come and allow them in. Fingerprint grants you access to your home, but in case you are not home and you want to let someone in, with the help of the Internet the automated doors will welcome them!

It will also alert you in case it detects a gas leak, and the safety for your children or the elders in your home is taken care of with a panic button in case of emergency. Your precious home will lovingly be protected, always. So sit back and relax, because this splendid home gives you utmost peace.

Energy Efficiency: A Luxurious Responsibility

Taking care of or monitoring your home becomes much easier if you have the privilege of a smart home. Worried that you might have left the lights on in your bedroom? Easily take care of it through your phone. You can also modify the settings, such as fixing a lower temperature when you leave the room, motion sensor lighting and more to ensure maximum energy efficiency in your home, everyday.

THREE is Your Chance to be a Sensible Citizen!

The added convenience of a smart home in THREE undoubtedly saves you time. When you do not have to do things manually, you are left with an ample amount of time to spare or utilize. You might be cooking a special meal for your partner and can’t leave it unattended, but worried the fan is on in the other room? Turn it off with a button! THREE is energy efficient, which results in you saving resources and contributing to the economy. Way to be a good citizen!

A Serene Experience: Peace of Mind for a Lifetime

Sometimes, a little extra investment in your home literally buys you your peace of mind. While you are already busy at work, you will not have to have a panic attack wondering if you have locked the door. Just with a tap of your finger, you can wipe away your worries. Anxious about your children being home alone? Easily keep a tab on them to see if they are safe. A fraction of investment now, years of satisfaction and peace!

All in One: Functionality in Style

Home management becomes more upgraded in the exquisite THREE. Just like a Smart TV will serve more functions than simply the matter of watching a few channels, each and every device would provide you with more functions than they normally would. Exhausted after working all day? Just give a voice command to play your preferred song and indulge in the best ambience your home has to offer!

Comfort is achieved once again as THREE lessens your trouble by linking most or all of your electronic devices and appliances under one system or interface. Your home management becomes much more hassle-free as most of the functions of your home can be taken care of through one Smart Hub. This way is also enormously convenient for those who are not exactly tech-savvy, so put away your fear of technology and get yourself an upgraded home! THREE awaits you with its palatial grandeur!