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May 4, 2020 Apartment Living

Almost a month ago, the ongoing pandemic sent the world into lockdown. Since then, everyone (except indispensable workforces who are fighting this problem on the frontline) have been quarantined to their homes. Everyone has been mulling over how to spend this time effectively. Since most of us have ample time to spare, it only makes sense that we figure out a way to spend it right.
We always have your back, so we thought to bring we a few useful tips to help pass your quarantine days a little better:

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A routine helps us organize better

Creating and adhering to a routine will help us organize our daily/weekly goals better. Each activity, whether personal or professional can be allotted a time slot of specified hours so that all of them are properly attended to.
Sticking to the weekday routine could be helpful for us. Getting up at the same time and getting dressed for the office will motivate us to work better. It tricks our brain into thinking we are going to work; sometimes working in our pajamas will not accomplish.

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Perfect time to sharpen our skills, or learn new ones

Between work and what little time off we get every week, there is very little time left for self-development. Now we can focus on that course we wanted to complete to get better at our profession. Learning it could help us with our career development and advancement.
Why stay limited to just that? There was always something we wished to learn but never got the time to. It could be a language, baking, cooking, or even painting. we may even discover our hidden talents, e.g. crafting. If we do, we should work on developing it. Our quarantine will certainly become productive and fun.  There are literally hundreds of resources available online that can help us with all of this.

It’s time for some family bonding!

Our busy lives rarely leave us any leisure time to spend with family. we get to see them after a hectic workday, but by then we’re too tired to spend time with them. The only time we get to have a decent conversation with them is on weekends. Even then we spend most of it recuperating from the stress of the previous week.
Now due to the quarantine, we have been given the gift of time. Make the best of it! There are tonnes of fun activities we can plan with the family even if we are stuck at home. Chalk out something to do every other day. It can be a game night where we all can get together and play board games like Ludo or Monopoly. we could watch movies or start a new TV series together. We can all just sit together and share stories. If we have children, we can play with them. When was the last time we sat down with our children and took an interest in their lives? Use this time wisely.

Help around the house

A homemaker’s job is never easy. Managing a home takes a lot of effort and time. Since every member of the family will be at home for the lockdown, their workload will increase significantly.
The responsible thing to do at this time would be to divvy up the chores. Making a chart so that everyone is able to pitch in to help, even the children would be the place to start. This will also help teach them responsibility and reduce the strain on the homemaker. As a result, familial bonds are made stronger.

A healthy body is a happy body

Staying indoors does not necessarily mean we have to gain weight. We can still work out indoors and stay fit. It can be light or heavy exercise, depending on the availability of equipment in our home. We can use household items to make weights (bags of rice, 5litre water bottles, a bag full of books, etc). Similarly, we can also try out yoga as an alternative exercise.
Make sure to eat healthy as well. Since almost every meal will be home-cooked, we may not have to worry about oily junk food. We can prepare a healthy meal plan for ourselves and our family full of necessary nutrients that boost the immune system.

Don’t forget to feed the soul

We should make sure to set a slice of time aside for ourselves. Even in lockdown, it can get stressful if we just focus on productivity. Don’t be afraid to sit back and relax; just take a break. Give meditation a shot. For bookworms who have been busy with life, now is the chance to start reading again. Doing anything that relaxes us. It will keep the mind healthy and help fight off cabin fever, as is common when we’re confined to space for too long.
Here’s to hoping you will like our suggestion and make the best out of this situation. Stay safe, stay clean, and don’t lose hope. This too shall pass…