Stay Cool in Summer: Tips for Maintaining an Air Conditioning Unit

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Cool in Summer
April 10, 2018 Apartment Living

Temperatures in some parts of Bangladesh can rise as high as 40°C during the summer months, which means there is a big demand for air conditioning here. And while as Bangladesh News 24 reports there is not much in the way of relief from the hot weather in some public places, owners of both premium real estate as well as commercial properties know to invest in these machines in order to survive the high temperature. It is not as simple as turning a machine on and off though; there is a lot of maintenance involved when it comes to these machines, and you need to do some basic maintenance in order to remain alert to potential problems. Here are some top tips on keeping your air conditioning unit running smoothly and keeping your home or office cool during the summer days.

Install a filter

One of the most important aspects of air conditioner maintenance is ensuring there is an adequate filter system in place. The aim of doing this is to keep the air flow levels at an acceptable level, and that is not possible if the filters are full of mess. It is possible that the dirt they are supposed to keep away will get to the mechanisms within the unit that take in heat and prevent them from working. But by keeping them refreshed and clean, you will be able to preserve the much-needed blasts of cool.

Run it outside of summer 

The warm weather brings with it some challenges, especially for the environment. Cooler weather can also bring problems, especially for your air conditioning unit. But should you run an air conditioner in winter, or just limit it to spring and summer? Even if it feels cold outside, it is wise to run the air conditioning for a few minutes every so often during the winter months to prevent it from developing lots of mould or rust.

Invest in a technician

While there are plenty of tasks you can carry out to keep your air conditioner in shipshape, sometimes you just have to speak to the experts. Tasks like assessing the level of refrigerant, monitoring the air flow by looking at the coil, and using specialist equipment to locate the source of any problems should be left to the professionals. If you don’t do this, you may find your air conditioning unit becomes damaged or, even worse – unsafe. Finding a reputable business in your area which can work on your unit then will give you full peace of mind.

Air conditioning units are vital for keeping us cool, especially in a hot country like Bangladesh where the summers seem very long. And while it may seem to a novice as though the maintenance tasks ahead of you are complex, that does not have to be the case. By following the top tips outlined here, you can have a problem-free air conditioning experience that does not break the bank and enjoy the summer days whether you are at home or office.